Hello World!


So this is my blog! Another creative venture to show the world what I’m all about! I’ve pined for many months to make my own blog as I silently creeper-ed on other blogs. So I finally did the damn thing and made it happen!

Mostly it will be a mix of fashion, food, fitness, crafts, and lots of things to make you laugh.

I am a Georgia Peach here in the Big Apple (I’m also pretty corny haha) studying Fashion Design, working, interning, yoga-ing, clubbing, cooking, boozing it up and generally just living my life the best way I know how. I have a love for fashion and illustration which drove me to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology here in NYC. Its a pretty amazing place to be. Sometimes I miss my trees, fresh air and wide open spaces, but I don’t know if I could live anywhere else after being here. I’m studying intimate apparel and really have a love for the field.

So my most recent NYC venture took me through the financial district in order to get to Governors Island, which I had never been to. My dad was visiting, and as we are both artsy fartsy I decided he’d like to check out the Figment exhibit on the island.

Well our day started off with a great train f-cluster with about 3 transfers and LOTS or waiting. but it was totally worth it bc <— (wow…does anyone else find themselves writing in text lingo all the time???) we got off 3 stops early and decided to walk to the ferry…well we were also hungry, so when we passed Tiny’s, brunch was a done deal. The place was adorable, and I wish I had taken more pics. I actually wish it wasn’t so much a restaurant, but more my own adorable, three level apartment. that’s just how cute and homey this place was! I could tell whoever decorated the restaurant had a BLAST scouring antique shops and flea markets! There was so much attention to detail and everything seemed hand crafted.

Minigolf and art as far as the eye can see!

This is the Figment exhibit on the Island! It was really cool and again I’m sorry I didn’t take more pic because some of the installations were really awesome! There were large sculptures, painting, woodworking, costume and crafting stations all over as well as a minigolf course, treehouse and foam pit to lay in (which was surprisingly comfortable and, much like a good bean bag chair, Very difficult to get out of with any kind of grace!) It was a little kids dream!

Also there were what I like to call “characters” or “interesting” people walking about. You know what I’m talking about, like “yeah your friend Larry with the cat shirt and uncanny knowledge about pickling was very…”interesting”

exmples of such people were the nude, zebra painted painted women (talk about awkward, when visiting with your father), men in hot-pink bodysuits and the occasional dancing octopus (?) I should have not been surprised when, on the ferry ride over, a belly-dancer blew glitter on our faces (literally…that’s not some kind of street lingo – so don’t urban dictionary it)

All in all the day was a blast and I had a great time seeing trees and just roaming about, seeing the different art pieces. New York never ceases to amaze me in its diversity.



Well I could ramble on for-eh-ver about the rest of our adventures, but I will save that for another day!





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