A Day of Sleep

Literally all day yesterday, I spend lying down in various places…and it was FANTABULOUS! After a night of a very sub-par comedy show (and that’s me being nice. It was painfully awkward.) I needed a drink! I went out to a near by bar with friends from work. I hadn’t seen so many of these wonderful people in so long, it was a great tipsy reunion!

So I am  by no means a heavy drinker, and seeing as I’m 5’2″ and just a tiny person all around, safe to say I am a 2 drink kinda girl. I’m pretty good at handling myself and rarely every get drunk and never get “crunk” (does anyone actually say this?) but on this particular night, when yummy drinks seemed to generously appear in my hand, I definitely got my party on! We danced, sang, (I may have rapped a little) and as the bar light were coming on, we headed home. I chugged my body weight in water then fell straight asleep. 

Seeing as how I had many drinks with way to many kinds of alcohol in them, I should have felt worse, so I was a fairly happy, camper. Me and my ex-roommate Sydney (we used to live together, but sadly she has decided to get an apartment, so we are no longer roomies) went to lay out by the water on near the Hudson path. 




The day was PERFECT! warm enough to wear my bikini (well I actually don’t have a bikini here, so it was a bandeau and hot shorts) but still breezy from the water to not be sweating balls the whole time! we laid out, chatted and I read more of Fifty Shades of Grey. Yes…you can judge me…I judge myself every time I open the book. Shame. It’s actually written just horribly! The dialogue, and plot are pretty terrible, but I just…can’t…stop! 

After hours of gettin our sun on, we decided it was time for a froyo break. Now, let me pause and explain for a minute the love and…ok… I’ll admit it….obsession I have with ice cream and frozen yogurt treats. I”m pretty sure I have froyo at least 2-3 times a week. So my favorite second favorite froyo place is 16 Handles, and it just so happens that about 3 weeks ago they opened one 10 blocks from my place! What!? The amount of joy I had! It was like Christmas…but frozen and covered in sprinkles, cheesecake bites, peanut butter sauce and cake crumbs. Re-Diculous!


This would be plain, strawberry and pistachio froyo topped with almond crunch, crumb cake crumbs (best part!) and peanut pieces. 

After this joyous treat I headed back to my place to lay down some more, make dinner, read more porn  Fifty Shades and get caught up with all the So You Think You Can Dance auditions. I was so proud of my Atlanta people, I LOVED the popping a locking guys…mind blown! 

Well I’m out until tomorrow! I have a very exciting venture planned for today that I can’t wait to talk about! 

Here Are some fun Pinterest nuggets for ya!


Something to make you think


Something to make you laugh!…Oh the overalls! haha



And something to make you drool on your computer! : )



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