Slutty Pushups

How’s that for an interesting title? Scared yet? haha

So on Sunday, I got to realize one of my lifelong (that would be weird) years-long dreams! Are you ready?????…………….

I got to dance on a pole!

Ok, maybe it’s not that crazy, but I had a blast and I’m officially obsessed!  On sunday, me and my roommate decided to take a pole dancing class. I have always been pretty active and did gymnastics from a young age and then cheerleading in High School, but since starting college I don’t have tons of time to work out and really miss tumbling as my physical outlet. Ever since I heard about pole dancing classes, I always said “I should do that someday”. If you’re like me, you say this about 50 times a day, but hardly manage to actually DO any of these said activities. I am SO glad I finally took a class. We went to Shockra Studios. It was 6 people in the class, which was nice and small and our teacher was amazing. I really enjoyed getting back into some sort of dance/acrobatics activity and, as corny as this sounds, felt like I was energizing my spirit again. You know how some things just feed your soul? About our teacher, 

#1. Girl was in AMAZING shape

#2. She was HI-larious and made everyone feel comfortable, even when we were doing things that definitely felt awkward. 

#3. Knew her stuff and was super great about going over moves and making sure everyone was being safe. 

We learned a small routine which included climbing the pole, a couple spins and pole slides, dips, waves, wiggles, shimmies (obviously not the technical terms haha) and my favorite….”The Slutty Pushup”. Its kinda like a pushup, but instead of pushing up you pretty much do a boobs down on the floor, butt up in da air kinda deal…very alluring ; ) haha!


Me and the roomie!

 To anyone who has ever considered this, but been too apprehensive to try…just go. Its  a great workout, (my arms are still sore!) it’s fun, a great class to take with some girlfriends, and its a great confidence boost too. I mean it’s not everyday that we are allowed to let out our inner vixen without being judged. 

After getting my pole on (yes, I did just write that) I met my lovely friend Katherine for dinner. She had just flown in from Atl to start her summer dance intensive at Steps.  All  my friends are super talented and always amaze me! We met up at The Boat Basin on the west side right by the water. It was absolutely beautiful and the perfect day to eat outside. We both had the veggie burger and it was pretty dern good if I do say so myself! 



View from our table. The atmosphere was really relaxed and I great place for groups, families or even a fun date. I love awesome spaces with zero pretentious attitude. 


As you can see, it was quite tasty : )

Well I am off to see more of the city! let me leave yall with a little tidbit of a project i have been working on as of late. Im doing a gift box for my friend’s 21st and decided to paste on my own images paper because, the store bought wrapping paper is way too boring and appropriate. Image

We have many inside jokes about many attractive men…ahhh single girl life haha

Well if anyone has any more hot guy/quote combos, im all up for suggestions. 

Ta Ta for now



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