Psycho with a side of Guac

Hello yall!

So my Monday was pretty busy. I interned from 9 – 5:30 then ran all the way uptown to deliver a very important panty and babydoll set to an Intimate Apparel company. Well I wasn’t sure if there would be enough time before their mailroom closed, so I sprinted up there anyway to see if one of the employees was able to meet me in the lobby. Well no luck. Mail room closed & everyone left, so I set back in the other  direction with my top secret package to meet some friends at Bryant Park. On my way, I went through Times Square. Now usually I try to avoid this area because of what I call “Disney walkers” (you know who I’m talking about…Walks .08575 mph while looking up, with a roller bag and three children all of which are in a horizontal line taking up the entire sidewalk so you can’t possible go around! <—I definitely have some unresolved anger haha)  but sometimes it’s cool  to walk through and just see how exciting it all really is! I mean broadway, the lights, the stores, the diversity. It really is an awesome place, and I refuse to become a jaded New Yorker and lose my sense of wonder. I mean if 50 bajillion flashing lights and singing naked cowboys (yes he was there and I took a pic) don’t entertain you at all, then life is too serious!

By the by, I had lunch at a hummus place near work which had the best, softest, chewiest pita bread and really fresh hummus.


mmmmm….yes I ate it all!

So Bryant Park does free movies every Monday and this past week they showed Hitchcock’s Psyco…which I had never seen! crazy! In one word, movies in the park are lovely. Everyone brings picnic blankets, snacks, beer, wine and sets up on the lawn to watch a free movie. Believe it or not, this was my first time doing this! Why I have lived here for nearly 3 years and not taken advantage of this is beyond me! Before the movie started, I need food and fast…well I wanted Chipotle…and apparently so did everyone else in the city because 45 minutes later, I had a yummy burrito bowl in my possession.


I got a veggie bowl with brown rice, corn, black beans, hot salsa (makes my mouth burn, but i love it) cheese and guac. I haven’t had Chipotle in a long time, and it was sooo delicious! I am in love with their guacamole.


Once it was dark, the movie started, everyone settled in to watch. There’s something about laying out barefoot on the grass watching this old movie, while surrounded by skycraper lights, car horns and city noise that’s oddly peaceful. Its like everyone comes together to relax and just be in the center of all this buzzing go go go city. I actually had to go an hour into the movie to meet my roommate with our key card since she left hers in the room, so I didn’t get to see the infamous shower scene. Its on my list to see for sure!


Well my next morning consists of waking up to deliver this package again, which is actually a way for me to get in my walking and exercise since I won’t have gym time tonight, so I’m happy to do it. But I have another exciting, but very relaxing day planned tomorrow.

Have a lovely evening and eat some guacamole!


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