Botanical Garden

So on my day off, me and the roomie planned a trip to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden since its FREE on Tuesdays! Perfect! I am all about free stuff seeing as Im only interning for now (no complaints about that fir sure…I’m enjoying my free time!) and if you play the days right NYC has TONS of freebies. Museums, movies, the zoo, concerts, wine tastings, classes etc. It’s out there. The botanical garden was gorgeous and a perfect way to experience the void of nature in my life. I felt like it was when the Wizard of Oz switched over to color. Haha I was a little overwhelmed. I mean trees!? Grass!? Shade!? what are all these things!? So I’m going to stop writing now in order to share many of the wonderful pics from the day (there are a ton)


Japanese garden. Doesn’t it look like a fairy tale? or a really expensive mini golf course?
I want to put a swing inside this tree!
Fishies! A feeding frenzy (it was actually kinda creepy. They were literally going BANANAS swimming over each other)
Gorgeous color. If anyone know a good nailpolish in the color Please let me know!
I had a fun time pointing out the many finny flower names. This one was my favorite…among several which we deemed the stripper flowers (Wild Girl Ginger, Buffalo Gal, Wild pussy ears (im serious)
who knew cabbage could be so pretty?
So this tree was amazing! It was completely enclosed by the branches and everyone had engraved their names, initials etc on the trunk and branches.
 My beautiful dancer roommate showing off her talents
And I will leave you with this last picture…my ultimate favorite of the bunch. Literally caused me to have a laugh attack on the train (which I’m pretty sure everyone noticed)
Let me explain this first.
I like to take pictures of people on the streets. Mostly it’s fashion related, and most of the time I will ask and some say no and some are happy to pose and show off their style. Sometimes I take pics of awesome pets or someone’s wonderful dance/music/acrobatic talents in the park. All acceptable. And many times I like to capture cute moments. Whether its an elderly couple holding hands in the park, a kid feeding the ducks, I just like to capture those scenes and I don’t think its really that creepy.  Well this man and his son were both crouched down in the same positioin looking down at the fish in the lily pad pond. It was a very adorable father son moment. So I though “oh hey this would make a great picture” (which, I’ll admit might be a more appropriate statement if I actually knew these people)  well I took a wee bit too long focusing my camera, the dad noticed me, and apparently was not pleased.

 now…let’s take a closer look
What was intended  as an inconspicuous act of snapping an endearing moment, turned into a CREEPER ALERT! I mean he is literally thinking “WTF ar you taking my picture” I actually thought I had gotten away with it until I looked back thorough my pictures. Clearly I was mistaken. hehe oops!
Do you ever take pics of strangers? and do you usually ask or has one ever noticed you?

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