Can’t Stop the Chop

That would be the Atlanta Braves tomahawk chop!

After my day in the BBG (Brooklyn Botanic Garden, but in my head I say BBG like a gangsta..errr just go with it) I met up with Katherine to go to a Braves vs. Yankees game. She is a big Braves fan (I’m more partial to football, but still enjoy baseball too) so when I found cheap tickets, it was a done deal! We got on the train to Yankee stadium, found out nosebleed seats, purchased WAY overpriced refreshments and then settles into our seats. The weather was perfect…warm, but still breezy to  not be a schweaty mess. It was so nice to get away from fashion for a bit and settle in my jeans and t-shirt and just enjoy the game. It really reminded me of being home in Atlanta and seeing them play in our own Turner Field.

Bare Feet  and Happy  : )

well until the guy pictured to the left accidentally grabbed them. haha I guess its a new way to meet someone that I haven’t tried yet haha

Well guess who wonnn??? Our Boys did!


We were such proud fans, and Im not gonna lie, I felt a little smug when the braves fans were cheering for our victory. It was some good ol’ southern camaraderie. Although, I will say the Yankees fans were great sports and there was very little trash talking going on. All in all it was a great day with great people, and for most of it, I forgot I lived in this city!



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