French Toast & Fashion

Why hello again!

My friday was spent interning. I am in love with my internship! After years of retail and hostessing jobs, I was definitely ready to be working on something I was more passionate about. I pulled some sample looks for a presentation for Victoria’s Secret and just did some small errands and helped cut out swatch sample. Pretty easy stuff, but the time also flies by because I’m always busy! I was soo pooped after the week that I just hung out, watched tv (Im obsessed with Desperate Housewives and the new show Breaking Pointe) and chatted with some hall mates.

But my Saturday was wonderful! I met up with Katherine again to go to the Hell’s Kitchen flea market then walked around Chelsea Piers before heading back to our separate places, getting all gussied up and goin out!

French Toast!

I started the day of in a wonderful , way! Peanut Butter Maple French toast!

I love breakfast. It is by far, without a doubt, the best meal of the day, and I usually eat breakfast foods for most of my other meals too. I almost always have  oatmeal, but on my off days or weekends it is pancakes or french toast!

I make my french toast with egg whites, almond milk, tons of cinnamon and sugar free syrup with PB just to keep things a bit lighter. It was really really yummy.

Now I don’t do anything super special except when I warm up my syrup, I melt 1 T of PB in there so it makes a mapley, peanut buttery sauce that is de-licious! Besides froyo, Peanut Butter is my favorite food. The end. (don’t even get me near peanut butter froyo = my demise)  you know the “if you were on a deserted island and could only eat one food what would it be” game? Peanut Butter wins every time. I legit go through a jar a week…yeah…it’s serious!

So…on with another passion in my life (yes…I definitely count PB as a legit passion)


I mean I DO go to fashion school…so rolling out in the streets of NYC in sweats and uggs…I think not.

Here is what I wore for a hot flea market/park stroll in the city

I am in love with the coral/ turquoise colors popping up everywhere and took a loose inspiration from these two mood boards (I made these for a presentation last semester…I don’t make mood boards for my outfits haha not that hardcore fashionista)

Shirt, shorts and tank all Forever 21 items. I want to say my wardrobe is 50% F21, 40% H&M and 10% Goodwill. I’m thrifty and I like it!

Sorry the quality is so poor on these. I definitely took these picture with my circa 2008 samsung slide phone.

The accessories (aka the 2 wrap bracelets I never take off) and my favorite turquoise earrings.

my wonderful $6 purse I got at DSW

And girls…this picture is to show my frustration at my baby hairs that can NEVER decide where they want to go. Please tell me others get irrationally frustrated by these too??? just me?

Are they bangs? what side of the part to they belong to? will they ever truly go away? It’s an eternal battle.

The rest of my afternoon was spent at the flea market and walking along the water. It was wonderful as always.

Fruit smoothies, cookies and sodas                                     My favorite pen! obvs!
There’s so much great jewelry here, I always have to restrain  myself from getting too much.
Well I think that’s more than enough pics for one post, but I’ll be back to detail the event of our saturday night! have a lovely day!

One thought on “French Toast & Fashion

  1. Your shirt is so cute! I love the butterflies. And I totally relate to the weird baby hairs that don’t know where they should go; I have those, too! So irritating sometimes!

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