Eyeball Martini

Ok, so gross right?

Let me explain…

Well after I showered and prepped my self for going out, me Kat and my roomie hit up Verlaine. This particular spot in the Lower East Side has a happy hour that goes until 10pm! what!? and they serve ridiculously good sangria (white & red) and Lychee (please someone tell me the right way to pronounce this) martinis. This particular fruit has always intrigued me. I’m always the person at Pinkberry asking “what is this thing?!” Well I was a little skeptical about it especially because to me, it looks like an eyeball. I’m sorry if you’ve never had one and probably never will, now that I have put that lovely image in your head.

Did anyone else go to halloween parties as a kid where they put bowls of grapes or spaghetti or jello  in a box that you had to blindly stick your hand into under the assumption that these items were actually “eyeballs”, “brains” and “guts”? Well I did, and I think Lychee would have been much better eyeballs than grapes!! I swear I wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference. But, with that said, I still ate it, but all I could think was “eyeball eyeball eyeball!!!” 

However, I DID enjoy the drinks! 


I didn’t get a photo of the full outfit, but here is my obligatory photobooth pic

(fun fact: I have about 870 pictures on my photobooth and about 860 of them are all of ME haha #vainfashionstudent)


Lychee Matinis & white sangria that were surprisingly strong and not too sweet.

($5 each!? what in New York!? this is too good to be true)



Mood lighting in the bar translates to a demon filter in my itouch apparently haha

After a couple drinks, we went to Pianos, then followed a cute group of guys (no they weren’t aware #creeperstatus) to Hotel Chantelle, then decided to go to Santos. It was a pretty good night although our last stop was definitely not as great as I had hoped. I’m definitely not one for clubs. I much prefer bars where I can actually chat with my friends.

What do you prefer? club? bar? lounge? cafe? 


One thought on “Eyeball Martini

  1. I can’t bring myself to try lychee. So bizarre looking. And $5 for a drink?! I can’t even get that in Davis! Good deal for the eyeball martinis :).

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