Food & Fitness

Yesterday was one of those perfect days where I got to relax, play and get a great workout in. If every weekend could go like this, I would be a happy gal. Since there was SO much fun stuff its gonna be a two-parter. Let’s start with the food!


What I am calling “Peaches & Cream Smoothie”


1 Peach

1 frozen Banana

1 scoop protein powder (vanilla)

about 6-10 ice cubes

splash of almond milk

This was sooo delicious! As a kid, my family would often make peach milkshakes and it is one of my favorite flavors! (I AM a georgia peach after-all… hardy har har!)

But seriously, you should try this. It is so summery and tasted like dessert for breakfast.

After my wonderful smoothie, I hung out around my apartment, repainted my nails and caught up on Breaking Pointe (New Obsession- It’s so amazing how hard they work)

Then I went grocery shopping at Trader Joes. Since I had broccoli, peanut Butter and ketchup left for food (yummy right?) It was hot as balls out today…and I know everyone in the south was experiencing temps of 10o and above, while here it was a mere 94 degreees. However, in Atlanta, I dont walk over 10 blocks to retrieve my groceries. Although on the plus side, I now officially count grocery shopping as a workout seeing as I carry all my groceries 1 mile back to my place.

The love I have for TJs is hard to even verbalize. I am definitely a Trader Joe hoe…or bitch (as perfectly put by another blogger I started following haha!) Everything is…just…amazing!  They always have fresh produce, come out with great new products, have the friendliest staff and have really cheap prices for being here in NYC.

I love their 99 cent Greek yogurts, kettle corn (which was eaten devoured in 2 sittings) Salt & Pepper Rice crisps and Queso dip.



Then I came back to my place…de-sweatified in the glory of my AC and got ready to take another pole dancing class!!!

This time I went to Body & Pole (classy name…I know)

The class started with a 30 min floor warm up of stretching, dance, flexibility & ab exercises. Then we learned a couple of different moves and spins. I really liked this studio. Unlike the previous class I took, it was more focused on the specific moves and technique as opposed to learning a choreographed routine. Some of the moves were the same (there was a variation of the slutty pushup…so I pretty much nailed that move haha!) and then we learned some new ones like a spin

Not sure what this one is called, but it wasn’t easy

a fan kick, and some ways to grip the pole that use the best leverage. (yeah yeah..TTWS…I know) I got a discount for being a first time student, but seeing as each class costs $40 I unfortunately won’t be going back unless Living Social comes out with a great deal. I honestly felt like some of the moves were pretty easy, and wished I could get into more of the acrobatics of it. I know there’s such a stigma with this and its definitely kinda awkward to to tell people, but it really is so exciting, challenging and fun and I already made some friends from that class because everyone is just there to have fun and try something new.

Also if anyone has any preconcieved notions about it being too taboo, check this woman out! This is what inspired me to take this class in the first place. She is a beast!

By the way, my father was the one who showed me this video! haha!

Anyway, I hope I have maybe opened some ppls minds or at least got you curious about this and will be back with the events of my night/morning!



3 thoughts on “Food & Fitness

  1. I’m obsessed with Breaking Pointe! It makes me want to become a ballerina in my free time. Also, thanks for quoting my eloquent words… Haha! Trader Joe Hoe for life!

  2. I’m obsessed with Breaking Pointe! It makes me want to become a ballerina in my free time. Also, thanks for quoting my eloquent words… Haha! Trader Joe hoe/bitch for life!

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