Bare foot is the way to go

This week has actually been pretty chill, considering it is actually my last week here in NYC! Yes, Saturday I’m done with my internship & go back home to visit my family until school starts back up. I can’t wait to see my family adn just have some good quality home time. There’s something about going back to my house (other than free groceries and tons of living space) that just makes me so relaxed over all. I guess its like they say, “there’s no place like home” haha

sooo….with the cheesy part of this post out of the way, I’ll get on with the events of my week!

On Tuesday, I took another poles class (so that’s like 2 away from being pro right!? haha) I bought a deal on living social, and when I looked at the class schedules, there was an intro class and a beginner class. Well I figured that since I had already taken a couple other “intro” classes and they were a little too easy, I would go for the beginner class. That my friends, was a bit of a mistake. The class was great and I still had fun, but it was definitely…. challenging!

This was the studio. It was smaller and less air conditioned (aka: none) which was surprising seeing how expensive their regular classes and class packages go for (one class is $36! yeesh!!!)

The class consisted of a warm up and then she went straight into a routine. Pretty much alll of the other girls had been there multiple times before and knew the routine fairly well, and I was just trying to keep up. I felt kind of out of place actuallay becuase

1. they were all wearing stripper heels (which I had no idea to bring) and a bunch of the moves would have been easier wearing shoes. Although, I personally am not a fan of the heels because I think they are just clunky and not as attractive, safe or practical as just using bare feet.


I’m sorry, I just can’t get on board with this. I just don’t think it’s sexy. I just feel like au natural feet are so much more sensual than these plastic clompers!

I felt like I didn’t want to be that girls holding up the rest of the class for the teacher to keep stopping and explaining things, although she was really patient with me and the rest of the girls were more than willing to let me practice as much as possible. I liked it (and came away with some great bruises & “pole burns” as proof) although the atmosphere wasn’t as fun and interactive as the other studios. Other than demonstrating the routine, the teacher didn’t really talk that much and she didn’t give very detailed info on how to execute each move. It was kind of just demo…then you were expected to just go and do it.

On friday I’m taking the intro class (haha guess I did things kinda backwards) so hopefully I’ll enjoy it more since I’ll be playing less catch up in class.

Then on wednesday after interning, I had a quick dinner (more balls!!!…haha…yea I’m super mature btw) and skipped on down  to the Joyce Theater to see an amazing performance from the Pilobolus company.


They are more of an acrobatics/ dance/ performance art company            (so I obviously loved it!) The stuff they do is simply so engaging, inspiring and just leaves you wowed!!

Here are some videos

them on Conan

This one was so so amazing. They had a sheet of plexiglass on top of a cube made of scaffolding like bars.


(kind of like this, but the top was all made of clear plastic)

Under the plexiglass was a camera. There was a projector screen on one side of the stage showing the view from the camera, so you were basically looking directly up to clear ceiling of the cube. It was cool to see the video, but also how they were making these cool “kaleidoscope” type images with their bodies at the same time. At times, they wer jumping up on top of it, jumping or flipping over each other etc. Reallt really amazing. If they are ever performing in your city I highly recommend going!

well ttfn and have a lovely weekend. My next post will probably be from the great “Hotlanta” looking forward to it!


Past Week in Pics

So I took a wee break from zi blogging since most of my time was filled with tissues, my sweatpants and good quality time with my laptop and reality tv….thrilling I know! haha. I am finally feeling back to myself and like a normal functioning person again! I really hate being sick, mainly because it just zaps my energy and I really can’t stand just sitting inside all day and doing nothing…makes me antsy for sure!

I did do a little exploring this past weekend and had some lovely meals, but forgot my camera most of the time, so I don’t have too many to show. I’m gonna be more “show” and less “tell” on this post…so here goes!

After seeing my friend Katherine perform, we got sushi! I loved the inset bottles in the brick wall!

She got salmon

I got 2 rolls. Spicy Tuna Roll and Alaska Roll….anything with avocado and I’m game!

So of course it itsn’t a proper week without a dose of frozen yogurt love! This is plain, clueberry….haha “clueberry”?…. I meantto write blueberry and stawberry with cashews and mini chocolate chips! This was not from my beloved sixteen handles, and was definitely not as good. But I mean it’s froyo…so therefore it’s already 98% yummier than all other foods!


A little sneak peek of my internship. It was a slow day, so I organized the fabric room. I know it sounds tedious and boring, but Im such an organization/ neat freak I kind of…like really….enjoyed it. : )

 My dinner

(notice how the majority of this post is food?) This was sauteed zucchini & Brussels sprouts, cheese, marinara sauce and another one of my very favorite Trader Joe’s finds…….

….balls!  Yeah that’s right. Balls.

These balls to be exact! They are awesome and don’t have that weird “hmmm this definitely isn’t meat…but it’s meat-like…not really sure if this is even real food?” kind of texture some vegetarian products have. I love to put them in pasta, with veggies, on salads, or just baked plain with ketchup. (Im kind of hungry right now, so maybe that’s why I’m so enthusiastic about my food in this post. haha)

This weekend, I also ventured into Brooklyn! It’s about my third time in this borough and I’m slowly warming up to the idea of it not being some foreign place. The area we visited was actually quite beautiful. There were trees and gardens and it was quiet, no horns, yelling, music or street advertisers,  just quiet.

Doesn’t she just look like a little angel?

Kat and I went there to check out this BYOB pizza place that apparently is really well known and even frequented by Beyonce  and Jay Z (unfortunately we did not see her there) We waited about 2 hours to be seated (which I didn’t min because it gave us time to talk and explores) Around the 2hr mark though, I was quite hungry, but I think in the end, it was worth the wait because the food was amazing! I would definitely go back!

We (and the rest of the people waiting outside for a table) partook in some of our wine outside before dinner.

After dinner, I went back to manhattan, and met up with my friend Sydney at a bar, they served Boddingtons! (any Friend’s fans out there!? ) So of course she had to get it! I wish I had my camera to get a better pic.

Today I was back interning, and came home with way more energy than I usually have after work. I wanted to go to the gym, but really didn’t feel like doing the boring treadmill/elliptical routine, so I tried this circuit workout while jammin to some of my favorite workout tunes of the moment. It was awesome. Sometimes Im really in the mood to jump around and it makes me miss my weekly kickboxing/zumba/bodypump classes I take at my gym back home. This was nice and uncomplicated, but definitely got me sweaty!

Well have a lovely monday and I’ll be back later in the week!


Sick Day Essentials & Weird Food

Thank goodness I had no work, interning or obligations of any kind today!

I seriously needed time to rest my body. Sunday, I had the worst sleep ever. I went to bed around 10pm, then my bladder decided to wake me up…how kind. ANYWAY….after, my throat was so sore and on fire every time I tried to breathe or swallow. Needless to say, I didn’t go back to sleep until 3am, and even then, it was restless. Today was a completely relaxing, stress free day and it was kind of perfect!

First, let me show you my sick day staples

1. The Meds

 Cough Drops

this is definitely better taken before getting sick, but I feel like a good dose of vitamin c is always helpful : )

This stuff is like magic to me. Clears my sore throat and make me sleep like a baby!

2. The TV

How cute is Jeff!? I definitely want him to win…or come and date me if he doesn’t….

Supposedly this is like the sew Sex and the City. At first I was unsure of it, but I’m totally digging the quirky, real life humor! ….now 6 episodes in… just fyi

3. Self Pampering

I finally re-did my nails! A shimmery gold color

I also laid out in the park to tan for a bit (trying to not be paper white by the time I go to the beach…oh pale girl problems! haha)

3. The Food

Since my nasal passages had cleared a bit (ew gross…I know) I could finally taste some of my food, which made me actually feel like eating. And seeing as I was spending my tuesday the lazy way I decided to make brownies!

Actually….scratch that. I’m not sure you could call what I made brownies, but they were chocolatey, healthy and have a secret ingredient…..can you guess?


No I’m not crazy and actually I’ve seen recipes for “Black Bean Brownies” popping up all over various blogs and on Pinterest. I love baking, but I also love healthy foods and strange foods, so I often try and tweak recipes to be more health friendly. At first I was skeptical….I mean beans….chocolate beans….why would you ruin the good brownie reputation by putting beans in them!? But, these were actually pretty decent.

 The Supplies

I basically used this recipe, but since I had very little oil left, I subbed greek yogurt for 2 tablespoons of oil and cut the sugar in half (see…they’re good for you!)

Pre Bake.

All you do is blend everything together so there are not traces of beans…looks like legit brownie batter.

The Final Product

They actually weren’t half bad. Although, if you put that much chocolate in anything, Im pretty sure to like it!

Now I wouldn’t call these brownies per-say…they were more like chocolate flavored, bean, cake, fudge, patty….things. I would never serve these to someone under the pretense of being a brownie (that would be mean), but I definitely would make them again (maybe with actual oil and maybe some flour too) Once I refrigerated them, they were more like fudge and I enjoyed mine crumbled up over some vanilla yogurt!

Definitely satisfied my chocolate craving without ruining my “look hot in my teeny bikini on the beach in 2 weeks” mission.

I also had another weird food concoction…I was feeling very experimental in the kitchen today apparently. I made a smoothie/mlkshake, but with another healthy spin. I used cottage cheese! (ew gross! I know! beans in brownies and cheese in milshakes!?)

I actually got the idea from this blog. This girl does an amazing job of reworking great recipes to be more healthy. I’m not gonna lie, this was one of the best smoothies I’ve ever had! I couldn’t taste any cottage cheese flavor and everything was just extra thick and yummy. I roughly followed her recipe for this shake 


So it doesn’t look all that great, but it was dern good!

In the blender went:

1/2 banana, 5 strawberries, almond milk, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, vanilla and stevia, and at the end more cocoa powder b/c who can really have too much chocolate? right?

well maybe y’all will give some new foods a try now? or just think my food is gross…it’s whatever haha

well TTFN and have a wonderful evening!

Question: What’s a strange food combo you eat? 

NYC: 1…..Sara: 0

Alright, NYC….you beat me. I tried to keep up with the city that never sleeps….but apparently I can’t party that way.

My Thursday, Friday and Saturday were spent out on the town with great friends, and while it was amazing…I think my body is having it’s revenge. I’m definitely not built to party.

I am sick….in the summer..not fun! I feel like the kid from Hey Arnold!


Anyone remember this kid!?

Im totally rocking that creeper mouth-breathing thing right now!


On Friday, I went to the gym, then decided not to shower and go (with nasty, messy bun head) to a chill late dinner at Traffic with my roomie. I got and AWESOME thai shrimp salad with blackened shrimp, crunchy noodles, veggies and cashews. Definitely a salad I will have to recreate on my own!


This place was pretty relaxed and a nice place to grab a bite.

Earlier in the day, one of my best friends had been texting me and other of our NY friends to go to a bar in the east village to see a friend of hers sing and play guitar. She was really enthusiastic about it, but I was tired from the night before, gross from my workout and not really in the mood to travel across town to see someone I don’t know (what a bundle of fun I am. I know….) So I told her I wasn’t going to make it and this is the reply I got.

“well…you should come because my friend isn’t playing….I’m HERE!!!!!”

WHAT!!!?? here in NYC! In the same city as me? I quickly became pumped!

She was trying to make it a surprise, which I pretty much ruined haha. However, I did manage to easily convince my other two friends to join us, so the surprise wasn’t ruined for them. So with my sweaty hari and all, I headed to the bar! It was a great reunion, and what I had planned on being an early night (aka…get back around 2am) turned into dancing, hugging, drinking, and more dancing and laughing!

Me, and my friend Sierra have know each other literally all our lives…as in she was present at my birth…no joke. And then we have both been friends with Katherine since 3rd grade. Safe to say, when we are together, pretty much nothing if off limits.


I mustache you a question? haha

I don’t like to say bffl…or “biffles” …well…because I mainly feel ike a tool when I say it….but we really are biffles!


Well we ended up walking back (like 2 miles!)  at the wee hour of 4am…and so what else do you do? Get breakfast of course!!

We stopped at a diner near me (it’s times like this I miss Waffle House dearly…my southern ppl…you know what Im talkin about!) and I got a yummy cheese omelet! When we walked out, the sun was up. I didn’t want to believe it was morning. Then going again saturday night, I was officially done.

Im now in my PJs, watching the Kardashians, accompanied by a stack of tissues and tea : )

When’s the latest you’ve stayed out? Ever been awake to see the sun set and then rise?

City Shenanigans

My thursday started out wonderfully, with an awesome visit to the gym, where I squatted, lunged and did various other leg and butt exercises. I was so sore the next day! After showering, and turning my room into a hazard zone of clothing piles trying to figure out what to wear, I met my friend Yaz & we headed out to our friend’s 21st.

We took the highline (an old railway converted into an elevated park/walking path & one of my favorite places in the city) down to the restaurant in the meatpacking area.

So beautiful! We were actually running late, so these were snapped while super speed walking….not quite as peaceful as it seems ; )

We started out at a really adorable restaurant Paradou.

There was a little garden patio in the back that was perhaps the most charming patio I have ever been in! It felt like a secret garden!

Well we were told that there was a deal for unlimited wine and an entree for $19 ….which I was skeptical about because thats just too good of a deal…well it was. hah So after drinking our “unlimited wine” & a couple awkward conversations with the waiter, we decided to just have our wine and go somewhere cheaper for dinner. At least we felt super classy for a while

We quickly went from this………

To this!

See! Who needs fancy rose when you can have drinks with festive hats! Ole!

Since we were in a diner, of course I got breakfast for dinner – scrambled eggs with toast and fruit!

Then since it was our friend Erin’s 21st, we had to go downtown to the west village to get her a birthday shot. After a couple people form our group broke away to call it an early night, we went to a couple more places around the village. Im not a big drinker, but just enjoy chatting up different people in the bars. and btw…little pink sombreros are great conversation starters apparently haha

I just HAD to let this guy know how much I admired his suspenders and bowtie.

With a side of kissy face & peace signs = picture perfection!


After going to a couple more places, witnessing some way to0 mellow music (I thought I was about to go to sleep!) we went back to our hood. Well since we were around the area, one of my friends insisted that we go to a gay bar. This particular one had a drag queen competition…and being my first drag show, I was SOOOO pumped!

And it gets better….the theme for the show was……..DISNEY!!!!!!!

I had a really hard time not singing along to all the songs.

Holy hot pink hair!!!

It was a blast! Some were amazing with killer high kicks and great routines and voices….some not so much (specifically “Pebbles” who came out in a cardboard box and crocs….Im not joking….crocs!)

All in all, it was a great night of friends and laughter!

So my question is…

What would be your drag queen name?

Mine would be: Crystal Titz

haha classy!


Have  a wonderful sunday and get ready for the week to come

4th of July!

My fourth of July day started with something I have wanted to do for a while. We took a trip uptown to the Bronx Zoo!


I love animals, and sometimes, admittedly, I’m not a fan of zoos because I feel like many of the animals should have more space and not be cooped up in cages. However, I still had a great time exploring.




Doesn’t this look like a fake animal! crazy! This guy was definitely hammin it up for the camera! hahaImageImage

Tiger Mountain!

ImageI loved this little guy…just chillin on his branch…doesn’t look too shabby to me! haha

Now I was really really excited to finally  come face to face   (….err face to beak?) with my favorite animal…..Penguins!

Of the things you have now learned I love (acrobatics, peanut butter, ice cream) you can add penguins to the list. I’m weird I know. haha. It started when I watched the documentary Frozen Planet on the Discovery channel. (no making fun, it’s actually really interesting)
The way they waddle around and slide on their bellies on the ice all the while in little tuxedos…it makes me so happy! I mean who wouldn’t want a penguin!?
Image     Image How Cute! right!?
Anyway…after the zoo, we headed back to our places, rested up and then headed out to see the fireworks by the piers. It was pretty cool, but I probably will stick to watching it on tv next year…or preferably from a swanky rooftop or yacht…(you know a girl can dream!) It was just really humid, crowded (which didn’t help with the humid part) and filled with some less than nice people. 
I honestly have no idea what that brochure was for, but I look super patriotic no?
I tried so hard to get a good pic of the empire state building, but my camera apparently had other plans. 
Well TTFN! and have a wonderful weekend!
What is you’re favorite zoo animal?

Flavor Flaunter!

Hey y’all!

Hope everyone’s 4th of July was exciting! I’ll do a separate post about my wednesday, since there are many many pictures!


We decided to go to an 11am showing of Magic Mike, since tickets are half price before noon.

I was really really excited and kept saying “what a great way to start my day! A little abtastic-ness is gonna leave me smiling the rest of the morning!”


It was the worst movie I have seen in a long time! If you’re thinking about seeing it, just don’t. Wait until it comes out on dvd or Netflix. It was completely falsely advertised as a lighthearted and fun comedy, and I thought it would be fun, but I left the theater feeling bummed and confused. All I wanted to do was laugh and ogle the manly, man candy. Only the later happened.

There were so many issues:

1. Female lead was awkward, moody, emotionless and had a very annoying laugh

2. The scenes jumped too frantically from lighthearted and funny to serious, silent and weird

3. Too many “artsy” camera angles.

4. Too much silence in conversations….seriously! just spit it out already!

5. Confusing and unnecessary plot line. Half the time I had NO idea what was going on…and don’t even get me started on the crazy girl with the pet pig…or why the pig got so much screen time!????

The acting from the male leads was pretty decent (Matthew McConaughey was GREAT!) and the dancing was amazing and hilarious, but I just felt it was advertised as a comedy, when in fact, it’s more a drama.   All the non dancing scenes reminded me of Twilight (as in painfully awkward, too many pauses and weird breathing…I was just sooo uncomfortable watching it)

Anyway….ranting out of the way, the rest of my day was salvaged with  FROYO!!!!

(ice cream really makes everything better)

We went to 16 Handles again (I’m only 2 stamps away on my card from free froyo!)


ImageUp close and Personal! Coconut Cream & Strawberry Kiwi froyo with yogurt chips and peanut toppings and a bit of raspberry sauce (which SHOT out of the bottle and on to the counter leaving me this close to beig covered in red syrup…it was embarrassing)




I like what my cup said. I’d like to believe I AM a flavor flaunter! haha


So have a wonderful rest of the week and go out and flaunt your flavor and live your life!