The worst way to wake up

Soo let me start out with a wonderful example of a semi-tipsy text I sent at 2am. It goes like this…

“Mario Lopez! He reminded me of Mario Lopez! So when I said Full House, I really meant Saved By the Bell haha!”

yes friends, that is how my wonderful Friday night ended. haha fabulous!

So after my day of food and fitness, I met up with my friend katherine to go out to a bar near her cousin’s apartment in the Upper East Side. We didn’t want it to turn into a late night, so we went to one place. It was a fun night. I feel like when we’re together, we always have so much fun, drinks aren’t even needed. And to quote the guy with a half opened shirt pouring beer all over himself (I’m talking Spring Break, Cancun, waterfall style!)

“What is there to celebrate!? I’m celebrating life! Life is what I’m celebrating! wooo!”

We definitely have a great time “celebrating life” whenever we hang out! No booze necessary!

and to address the first text, we met this guy who reminded me of Mario Lopez (He was quite attractive, but way to drunk to make coherent sentences….such a shame haha!) I couldn’t remember for the life of me the name Mario Lopez!

me: he reminds me of that guy…he’s a tv host…and he was on some show…I used to watch it all the time…Full House?

Kat: Uncle Jesse!?

Me:  definitely not full house….ahhh! what is his name!? (although c’mon ladies…who wouldn’t want to find an uncle Jesse look-a-like too???)

So, by the time I got home, I was pretty tired and after washing off my makeup, putting on my cumfiest Pjs (and finishing off my kettle corn bag #noshame) I hit the hay! well, I was woken up to the lovely sound of our fire alarm at 6am!!! So not ok! I think my actual half asleep words were:

“what?? Why is this happening  to me right now!? Why are there allowed to be noises this loud in the world? It just isn’t right!”

I am not a happy camper when you wake me from my slumber! We all shuffled out the building (some girls still in their minidresses and high heels…so funny) stayed outside for 10 minutes then went back in…I have no idea what happened.

Anyway, seeing as this post was pretty void of fun pics, I’ll leave with this


Who would you pick? Mario Lopez or John Stamos?


One thought on “The worst way to wake up

  1. That is the worst. I hate all nosies in the morning. Especially fire alarms.

    Hmm… Mario or John… Mario is definitely hotter, but I think I’d have to go with John Stamos. I love love loved Uncle Jesse!

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