Weeee’re off to see the Wizard!

Hello munchkins!

Well after my Sunday adventures, I  had a much more relaxing Monday. I went to the gym, stopped by Trader Joe’s for some snickty snacks, then at 5:30, parked myself at a table in Bryant park to meet up with friends to watch a free movie. Every monday they do a different free movie in the park. People come and lay out blankets and bring food and picnics.

Well Im sure you can guess what the movie was…..

The Wizard of Oz!

I hadn’t seen this movie in YEARS!!! and after watching it now as a semi-adult, I came away with some new opinions of the movie:

1. Dorrothy really isn’t all that bright…at all

2. Munchkins are slightly   extremely hilarious (the lollipop guild! = Best part)

3. WHY isn’t there a decent remix of any of the songs!? (If anyone knows of any, I would be highly interested!) I mean did you hear the Mister Rogers song? amazing!

4. Flying Monkeys still scare the SH** out of me!

5. These songs are forever ingrained in my memory and it is nearly impossible not to sing along…no matter how bad your voice is or how many people around you stare.

Once the others joined me, we feasted on chips, guac (apparently I always have guacamole in Bryant park) and salasa

Some other liquid refreshments that rhyme with “line” may have also been snuck in…

Found this on Pinterest and laughed immediately!

Some Glinda inspired fashion trends…love these nails


We had a pretty decent view from our seats and I definitely liked having a chair instead of sitting on the grass. I love stretching out on the lawn, but it becomes so packed, it can be hard to see the screen.

After the movie, we engaged in some park shenanigans…mainly revolving around the adorable baby park chairs.

Haha I love this girl to pieces!! She has so much energy and is the best partner in crime!

Well TTFN and have a wonderful rest of the week!!!

Question:  Who is your favorite Wizard of Oz character?

I think mine is Scarecrow


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