4th of July!

My fourth of July day started with something I have wanted to do for a while. We took a trip uptown to the Bronx Zoo!


I love animals, and sometimes, admittedly, I’m not a fan of zoos because I feel like many of the animals should have more space and not be cooped up in cages. However, I still had a great time exploring.




Doesn’t this look like a fake animal! crazy! This guy was definitely hammin it up for the camera! hahaImageImage

Tiger Mountain!

ImageI loved this little guy…just chillin on his branch…doesn’t look too shabby to me! haha

Now I was really really excited to finally  come face to face   (….err face to beak?) with my favorite animal…..Penguins!

Of the things you have now learned I love (acrobatics, peanut butter, ice cream) you can add penguins to the list. I’m weird I know. haha. It started when I watched the documentary Frozen Planet on the Discovery channel. (no making fun, it’s actually really interesting)
The way they waddle around and slide on their bellies on the ice all the while in little tuxedos…it makes me so happy! I mean who wouldn’t want a penguin!?
Image     Image How Cute! right!?
Anyway…after the zoo, we headed back to our places, rested up and then headed out to see the fireworks by the piers. It was pretty cool, but I probably will stick to watching it on tv next year…or preferably from a swanky rooftop or yacht…(you know a girl can dream!) It was just really humid, crowded (which didn’t help with the humid part) and filled with some less than nice people. 
I honestly have no idea what that brochure was for, but I look super patriotic no?
I tried so hard to get a good pic of the empire state building, but my camera apparently had other plans. 
Well TTFN! and have a wonderful weekend!
What is you’re favorite zoo animal?


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