City Shenanigans

My thursday started out wonderfully, with an awesome visit to the gym, where I squatted, lunged and did various other leg and butt exercises. I was so sore the next day! After showering, and turning my room into a hazard zone of clothing piles trying to figure out what to wear, I met my friend Yaz & we headed out to our friend’s 21st.

We took the highline (an old railway converted into an elevated park/walking path & one of my favorite places in the city) down to the restaurant in the meatpacking area.

So beautiful! We were actually running late, so these were snapped while super speed walking….not quite as peaceful as it seems ; )

We started out at a really adorable restaurant Paradou.

There was a little garden patio in the back that was perhaps the most charming patio I have ever been in! It felt like a secret garden!

Well we were told that there was a deal for unlimited wine and an entree for $19 ….which I was skeptical about because thats just too good of a deal…well it was. hah So after drinking our “unlimited wine” & a couple awkward conversations with the waiter, we decided to just have our wine and go somewhere cheaper for dinner. At least we felt super classy for a while

We quickly went from this………

To this!

See! Who needs fancy rose when you can have drinks with festive hats! Ole!

Since we were in a diner, of course I got breakfast for dinner – scrambled eggs with toast and fruit!

Then since it was our friend Erin’s 21st, we had to go downtown to the west village to get her a birthday shot. After a couple people form our group broke away to call it an early night, we went to a couple more places around the village. Im not a big drinker, but just enjoy chatting up different people in the bars. and btw…little pink sombreros are great conversation starters apparently haha

I just HAD to let this guy know how much I admired his suspenders and bowtie.

With a side of kissy face & peace signs = picture perfection!


After going to a couple more places, witnessing some way to0 mellow music (I thought I was about to go to sleep!) we went back to our hood. Well since we were around the area, one of my friends insisted that we go to a gay bar. This particular one had a drag queen competition…and being my first drag show, I was SOOOO pumped!

And it gets better….the theme for the show was……..DISNEY!!!!!!!

I had a really hard time not singing along to all the songs.

Holy hot pink hair!!!

It was a blast! Some were amazing with killer high kicks and great routines and voices….some not so much (specifically “Pebbles” who came out in a cardboard box and crocs….Im not joking….crocs!)

All in all, it was a great night of friends and laughter!

So my question is…

What would be your drag queen name?

Mine would be: Crystal Titz

haha classy!


Have  a wonderful sunday and get ready for the week to come


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