NYC: 1…..Sara: 0

Alright, NYC….you beat me. I tried to keep up with the city that never sleeps….but apparently I can’t party that way.

My Thursday, Friday and Saturday were spent out on the town with great friends, and while it was amazing…I think my body is having it’s revenge. I’m definitely not built to party.

I am sick….in the summer..not fun! I feel like the kid from Hey Arnold!


Anyone remember this kid!?

Im totally rocking that creeper mouth-breathing thing right now!


On Friday, I went to the gym, then decided not to shower and go (with nasty, messy bun head) to a chill late dinner at Traffic with my roomie. I got and AWESOME thai shrimp salad with blackened shrimp, crunchy noodles, veggies and cashews. Definitely a salad I will have to recreate on my own!


This place was pretty relaxed and a nice place to grab a bite.

Earlier in the day, one of my best friends had been texting me and other of our NY friends to go to a bar in the east village to see a friend of hers sing and play guitar. She was really enthusiastic about it, but I was tired from the night before, gross from my workout and not really in the mood to travel across town to see someone I don’t know (what a bundle of fun I am. I know….) So I told her I wasn’t going to make it and this is the reply I got.

“well…you should come because my friend isn’t playing….I’m HERE!!!!!”

WHAT!!!?? here in NYC! In the same city as me? I quickly became pumped!

She was trying to make it a surprise, which I pretty much ruined haha. However, I did manage to easily convince my other two friends to join us, so the surprise wasn’t ruined for them. So with my sweaty hari and all, I headed to the bar! It was a great reunion, and what I had planned on being an early night (aka…get back around 2am) turned into dancing, hugging, drinking, and more dancing and laughing!

Me, and my friend Sierra have know each other literally all our lives…as in she was present at my birth…no joke. And then we have both been friends with Katherine since 3rd grade. Safe to say, when we are together, pretty much nothing if off limits.


I mustache you a question? haha

I don’t like to say bffl…or “biffles” …well…because I mainly feel ike a tool when I say it….but we really are biffles!


Well we ended up walking back (like 2 miles!)  at the wee hour of 4am…and so what else do you do? Get breakfast of course!!

We stopped at a diner near me (it’s times like this I miss Waffle House dearly…my southern ppl…you know what Im talkin about!) and I got a yummy cheese omelet! When we walked out, the sun was up. I didn’t want to believe it was morning. Then going again saturday night, I was officially done.

Im now in my PJs, watching the Kardashians, accompanied by a stack of tissues and tea : )

When’s the latest you’ve stayed out? Ever been awake to see the sun set and then rise?


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