Sick Day Essentials & Weird Food

Thank goodness I had no work, interning or obligations of any kind today!

I seriously needed time to rest my body. Sunday, I had the worst sleep ever. I went to bed around 10pm, then my bladder decided to wake me up…how kind. ANYWAY….after, my throat was so sore and on fire every time I tried to breathe or swallow. Needless to say, I didn’t go back to sleep until 3am, and even then, it was restless. Today was a completely relaxing, stress free day and it was kind of perfect!

First, let me show you my sick day staples

1. The Meds

 Cough Drops

this is definitely better taken before getting sick, but I feel like a good dose of vitamin c is always helpful : )

This stuff is like magic to me. Clears my sore throat and make me sleep like a baby!

2. The TV

How cute is Jeff!? I definitely want him to win…or come and date me if he doesn’t….

Supposedly this is like the sew Sex and the City. At first I was unsure of it, but I’m totally digging the quirky, real life humor! ….now 6 episodes in… just fyi

3. Self Pampering

I finally re-did my nails! A shimmery gold color

I also laid out in the park to tan for a bit (trying to not be paper white by the time I go to the beach…oh pale girl problems! haha)

3. The Food

Since my nasal passages had cleared a bit (ew gross…I know) I could finally taste some of my food, which made me actually feel like eating. And seeing as I was spending my tuesday the lazy way I decided to make brownies!

Actually….scratch that. I’m not sure you could call what I made brownies, but they were chocolatey, healthy and have a secret ingredient…..can you guess?


No I’m not crazy and actually I’ve seen recipes for “Black Bean Brownies” popping up all over various blogs and on Pinterest. I love baking, but I also love healthy foods and strange foods, so I often try and tweak recipes to be more health friendly. At first I was skeptical….I mean beans….chocolate beans….why would you ruin the good brownie reputation by putting beans in them!? But, these were actually pretty decent.

 The Supplies

I basically used this recipe, but since I had very little oil left, I subbed greek yogurt for 2 tablespoons of oil and cut the sugar in half (see…they’re good for you!)

Pre Bake.

All you do is blend everything together so there are not traces of beans…looks like legit brownie batter.

The Final Product

They actually weren’t half bad. Although, if you put that much chocolate in anything, Im pretty sure to like it!

Now I wouldn’t call these brownies per-say…they were more like chocolate flavored, bean, cake, fudge, patty….things. I would never serve these to someone under the pretense of being a brownie (that would be mean), but I definitely would make them again (maybe with actual oil and maybe some flour too) Once I refrigerated them, they were more like fudge and I enjoyed mine crumbled up over some vanilla yogurt!

Definitely satisfied my chocolate craving without ruining my “look hot in my teeny bikini on the beach in 2 weeks” mission.

I also had another weird food concoction…I was feeling very experimental in the kitchen today apparently. I made a smoothie/mlkshake, but with another healthy spin. I used cottage cheese! (ew gross! I know! beans in brownies and cheese in milshakes!?)

I actually got the idea from this blog. This girl does an amazing job of reworking great recipes to be more healthy. I’m not gonna lie, this was one of the best smoothies I’ve ever had! I couldn’t taste any cottage cheese flavor and everything was just extra thick and yummy. I roughly followed her recipe for this shake 


So it doesn’t look all that great, but it was dern good!

In the blender went:

1/2 banana, 5 strawberries, almond milk, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, vanilla and stevia, and at the end more cocoa powder b/c who can really have too much chocolate? right?

well maybe y’all will give some new foods a try now? or just think my food is gross…it’s whatever haha

well TTFN and have a wonderful evening!

Question: What’s a strange food combo you eat? 


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