Past Week in Pics

So I took a wee break from zi blogging since most of my time was filled with tissues, my sweatpants and good quality time with my laptop and reality tv….thrilling I know! haha. I am finally feeling back to myself and like a normal functioning person again! I really hate being sick, mainly because it just zaps my energy and I really can’t stand just sitting inside all day and doing nothing…makes me antsy for sure!

I did do a little exploring this past weekend and had some lovely meals, but forgot my camera most of the time, so I don’t have too many to show. I’m gonna be more “show” and less “tell” on this post…so here goes!

After seeing my friend Katherine perform, we got sushi! I loved the inset bottles in the brick wall!

She got salmon

I got 2 rolls. Spicy Tuna Roll and Alaska Roll….anything with avocado and I’m game!

So of course it itsn’t a proper week without a dose of frozen yogurt love! This is plain, clueberry….haha “clueberry”?…. I meantto write blueberry and stawberry with cashews and mini chocolate chips! This was not from my beloved sixteen handles, and was definitely not as good. But I mean it’s froyo…so therefore it’s already 98% yummier than all other foods!


A little sneak peek of my internship. It was a slow day, so I organized the fabric room. I know it sounds tedious and boring, but Im such an organization/ neat freak I kind of…like really….enjoyed it. : )

 My dinner

(notice how the majority of this post is food?) This was sauteed zucchini & Brussels sprouts, cheese, marinara sauce and another one of my very favorite Trader Joe’s finds…….

….balls!  Yeah that’s right. Balls.

These balls to be exact! They are awesome and don’t have that weird “hmmm this definitely isn’t meat…but it’s meat-like…not really sure if this is even real food?” kind of texture some vegetarian products have. I love to put them in pasta, with veggies, on salads, or just baked plain with ketchup. (Im kind of hungry right now, so maybe that’s why I’m so enthusiastic about my food in this post. haha)

This weekend, I also ventured into Brooklyn! It’s about my third time in this borough and I’m slowly warming up to the idea of it not being some foreign place. The area we visited was actually quite beautiful. There were trees and gardens and it was quiet, no horns, yelling, music or street advertisers,  just quiet.

Doesn’t she just look like a little angel?

Kat and I went there to check out this BYOB pizza place that apparently is really well known and even frequented by Beyonce  and Jay Z (unfortunately we did not see her there) We waited about 2 hours to be seated (which I didn’t min because it gave us time to talk and explores) Around the 2hr mark though, I was quite hungry, but I think in the end, it was worth the wait because the food was amazing! I would definitely go back!

We (and the rest of the people waiting outside for a table) partook in some of our wine outside before dinner.

After dinner, I went back to manhattan, and met up with my friend Sydney at a bar, they served Boddingtons! (any Friend’s fans out there!? ) So of course she had to get it! I wish I had my camera to get a better pic.

Today I was back interning, and came home with way more energy than I usually have after work. I wanted to go to the gym, but really didn’t feel like doing the boring treadmill/elliptical routine, so I tried this circuit workout while jammin to some of my favorite workout tunes of the moment. It was awesome. Sometimes Im really in the mood to jump around and it makes me miss my weekly kickboxing/zumba/bodypump classes I take at my gym back home. This was nice and uncomplicated, but definitely got me sweaty!

Well have a lovely monday and I’ll be back later in the week!



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