Bare foot is the way to go

This week has actually been pretty chill, considering it is actually my last week here in NYC! Yes, Saturday I’m done with my internship & go back home to visit my family until school starts back up. I can’t wait to see my family adn just have some good quality home time. There’s something about going back to my house (other than free groceries and tons of living space) that just makes me so relaxed over all. I guess its like they say, “there’s no place like home” haha

sooo….with the cheesy part of this post out of the way, I’ll get on with the events of my week!

On Tuesday, I took another poles class (so that’s like 2 away from being pro right!? haha) I bought a deal on living social, and when I looked at the class schedules, there was an intro class and a beginner class. Well I figured that since I had already taken a couple other “intro” classes and they were a little too easy, I would go for the beginner class. That my friends, was a bit of a mistake. The class was great and I still had fun, but it was definitely…. challenging!

This was the studio. It was smaller and less air conditioned (aka: none) which was surprising seeing how expensive their regular classes and class packages go for (one class is $36! yeesh!!!)

The class consisted of a warm up and then she went straight into a routine. Pretty much alll of the other girls had been there multiple times before and knew the routine fairly well, and I was just trying to keep up. I felt kind of out of place actuallay becuase

1. they were all wearing stripper heels (which I had no idea to bring) and a bunch of the moves would have been easier wearing shoes. Although, I personally am not a fan of the heels because I think they are just clunky and not as attractive, safe or practical as just using bare feet.


I’m sorry, I just can’t get on board with this. I just don’t think it’s sexy. I just feel like au natural feet are so much more sensual than these plastic clompers!

I felt like I didn’t want to be that girls holding up the rest of the class for the teacher to keep stopping and explaining things, although she was really patient with me and the rest of the girls were more than willing to let me practice as much as possible. I liked it (and came away with some great bruises & “pole burns” as proof) although the atmosphere wasn’t as fun and interactive as the other studios. Other than demonstrating the routine, the teacher didn’t really talk that much and she didn’t give very detailed info on how to execute each move. It was kind of just demo…then you were expected to just go and do it.

On friday I’m taking the intro class (haha guess I did things kinda backwards) so hopefully I’ll enjoy it more since I’ll be playing less catch up in class.

Then on wednesday after interning, I had a quick dinner (more balls!!!…haha…yea I’m super mature btw) and skipped on down  to the Joyce Theater to see an amazing performance from the Pilobolus company.


They are more of an acrobatics/ dance/ performance art company            (so I obviously loved it!) The stuff they do is simply so engaging, inspiring and just leaves you wowed!!

Here are some videos

them on Conan

This one was so so amazing. They had a sheet of plexiglass on top of a cube made of scaffolding like bars.


(kind of like this, but the top was all made of clear plastic)

Under the plexiglass was a camera. There was a projector screen on one side of the stage showing the view from the camera, so you were basically looking directly up to clear ceiling of the cube. It was cool to see the video, but also how they were making these cool “kaleidoscope” type images with their bodies at the same time. At times, they wer jumping up on top of it, jumping or flipping over each other etc. Reallt really amazing. If they are ever performing in your city I highly recommend going!

well ttfn and have a lovely weekend. My next post will probably be from the great “Hotlanta” looking forward to it!


One thought on “Bare foot is the way to go

  1. Ahh pole dancing! I’m planning on taking a class in Davis within the next few weeks… I’m so excited!

    And I couldn’t agree more on the stripper heels front… So not sexy!

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