Home Sweet Home!

Wow….so it feel like Forever since I have posted anything! Between finishing my internship, packing, flying home, then packing again for the beach, I have been pretty busy. And I haven’t had internet for the past week either. (which was actually a blessing in disguise seeing as I am far too attached to my laptop)

Also, on a sad note, I left my camera cord at my place in NY, so all the pictures I took are stuck there : ( So all I have are my somewhat random and blurry itouch pics.

So, I’ll just start with what I have, then re-update in about a month haha

Here we go

View from my plane seat. Looking out the window while flying never ceases to amaze me! I mean c’mon! you’re in the clouds. I’m pretty sure that’s like every 5 year old girls dream: to see what it looks like in a cloud.

The next day, my cousin and Nana came from Alabama to go to the beach with us. FIrst though, we all watched my little sis in a softball scrimmage game. It was fun (even though we were there from 12 to 7pm!) to see her play her first game, and I am still amazed at how fast those little girls throw that ball!


Of course we stopped for Froyo! (this one is plain tart and taro! It was a kind of weird flavor, but I surprisingly liked it!)


Then we headed out at 4am to vacay on the beach in Florida!

Most of my days went like this:


Greek Yogurt & Berries breakfast


Beach time


Lunch: Salmon with fruit on the side

Pool time

Then for the majority of the evening every day we were there looked like this….dark and stormy. Although I wish there would have been more sun, I kind of like looking out at a storm and hearing the rain…it’s oddly peaceful…and so happens, a great excuse to watch multiple seasons of Friends.


Scary dark clouds!

Me, Shelbie (my cousin) and my sister are avid friends fans and pretty much quote every line, so it was a fabulous rainy day activity!

It feels so good to be home, and to be honest, I really missed some good ol’ southern hospitality, and being by the beach was so relaxing and I even got a wee bit of a tan : )

So unfortunately, those are the only pictures of our trip I have to share, but I will be back with others when I return to my NYC home.






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