White water to Fizzy water

This past week has been a blast! my aunt, uncle and cousins from Wisconsin came to visit this week, so I have been tagging along with them on their Atlanta tourist adventures. I think it’s so funny how most people never do the “touristy” things in their own city. I know for me, I get into my routine of places I go and rarely take advantage of all my city has to offer, which is a shame! So when people visit me in Atl or NYC it’s always so much fun to play tourist. We started by going whitewater rafting off the Ocoee river on Thursday.

I hadn’t been rafting since I was about 7 when my family took a trip to Colorado. This trip only had some class 2, 3 and 4 rapids and it was all pretty calm (aka I never felt like I was going to fall out of the raft haha!) I love boat/water sports and have been river canoeing in middle school and ocean kayaking with my dad. Rafting brought back all those memories and got me so excited to do some more paddling.

We rafted for a couple hours, then got some great lunch at the rafting company’s restaurant (great idea btw, because who isn’t super hungry after being in the sun and water all day!?) then went a couple miles up the road to see the spot where the Olympic kayaking course was made for the 1996 games in Atlanta.

The water was pretty low, but the rocks made really beautiful little lagoon pools that would be perfect for swimming. I seriously was going through nature withdrawals in the city and still can’t get over how beautiful this is!

We decided this was a great “Little Mermaid Rock” you know the scene where she bursts up from the water? ….part of your wooooorrldddd!

It was so pretty, however, the spotting of a water snake left me full out sprinting back to the car, which my cousins apparently thought was Hi-larious! (I have a terrible fear of snakes and have so many nightmares about them) Don’t think I will be swimming there any time soon.

Then on Friday we went to the Coca Cola Museum. I had gone many many moons ago before they redid the museum, so I was super pumped to go (and who doesn’t love free soda?)

My cousins and sister with the kissy face Coca Cola kritter/character thing (with the polar bear photobombing in the back haha)

The vault with the secret formula. ooooo ahhhh!

And everyone’s favorite part…. THE TASTING ROOM! They had little stations like this that each had samples of different Coca Cola products from different continents. I thought Africa had the best tasting drinks.

Now if you ever find yourself in the World Of Coke museum, I only have one piece of advice….DO NOT…I repeat DO NOT taste the Beverly drink. This was possibly one of the worst things I have tasted ever!! My sister got all excited saying “Hey! this is the one my friend Ashley said was the best drink!” (thank you Ashley btw) Well I tried it and at first it tasted just like soda water, but then the after taste came and ….dear lord it was the worst taste ever.

Other than that, I thought the museum was so much fun! All the exhibits were really interactive as well as informative, making it a perfect place to take younger kids. As much fun as the tasting room was, I was also a little scared by the amount of sugar and caffeine being consumed. I mean it was definitely cool to taste all the different flavors, but as a person who tries to live a really healthy lifestyle, I rarely ever consume soda, and if I do it’s usually diet. This place is like a nutritionist’s nightmare! haha

Thw rest of my evening was spent at my grandparents house swimming, grilling out and eating cake for my Aunt’s b-day. We also ended the night with a round of fireworks. It was pretty much my ideal southern day : )


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