Good Ol’ Family time

This week has only gotten better and better! I love when family comes in town because it’s nice to have everyone all together and I feel like when we get the whole fam together, I don’t stop laughing for hours. This weekend has been pretty relaxed. Saturday was spent at home with my family, cleaning up the house, playing the wii and just relaxing.

Let me now share on e of my very favorite things about coming back home for visits.

My dog Annie! Look at  that face. She is the most cuddly dog ever and always needs to be in someone’s lap or snuggled right up to your face. Can you say codependent??? haha

saturday night, I helped my parents do some work around the house since we are remodeling large portions of it and then because everyone was pretty tired, we decided to get mexican food. I got fajitas! (any friends fans…I always think of this when I hear “fajitas” )

Mexican food can tend to sit like a rock in my stomach and make me feel pretty sluggish, so I usually will get fajitas which have all the veggies, shrimp and toppings I like without all the heavy stuff.

Sunday, we all had breakfast at “Our Diner”

Let me give a little back story: My family on my Dad’s side all live here in Atl (except the ones visiting from Wisconsin obviously) and we tend to have our favorite spots for birthday dinners/gatherings. Wherever we go, we are almost always the largest, loudest and funnies group, so we usually end up on very friendly terms with the waiters and staff at the restaurant. (As in the manager knows where all the kids are going to school and greets us with hugs whenever we come in and leave!) And we tend to eat devour desserts like a scene from national geographic…so we’re pretty memorable I guess haha. so long story short, that’s why it is know as “Our Diner” I forgot my camera, but wish I had had it with me because My cousin Daniel won the “man meal” of the morning by ordering Belgian waffles with 3 types of ice cream and an Aggro-Crag (Guts anyone???) mountain sized whipped cream on top. It was EPIC

Then after grouting and tiling a floor, I went with my dad, uncle and cousins to a rock climbing gym near us.


My dad used to take my climbing weekly when I was younger, and it’s always fun to get back to it every time I visit. After climbing I went back with my cousins to swim, play in the pool and have some dinner.

Between grouting the tile, climbing and swimming, that is the story of how I can no longer feel my arms today! haha they are sooo sore! Rock climbing always makes me use muscles I never use in day to day life.

Well ttfn, and have a lovely start to your week!


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