A little peek on my plate…and in my dressing room

No, I’m not showing inappropriate pics….just being silly. This week in all honesty has been pretty relaxing (read: lots of down time & kinda boring) I’ve pretty much been hanging out at the house, going to Zumba classes and doing some basic summer homework. However, I figured without a ton of great, exciting events to show, I’d just give y’all a peek into normal aspects of my life. Lets start with the plates!

This is my favorite salad of the moment (tuna, goat cheese, beets, mushrooms, flax seeds, ground pepper and sundried tomato dressing) I used to hate beets, but I found some already prepared ones (aka no purple colored hands…learned that the hard way)  at Trader Joes and they are sooo good in salads and really good for you too!

Smoothies! In summer, my diet pretty much consists of smoothies, yogurt, salads and grilled veggies. This one was particularly yummy (greek yogurt, almond milk, frozen blueberries, frozen banana)

So I also had my first experience with Flan. Its a traditional Mexican & Spanish custard-like dessert which my little sister is apparently obsessed with making.

The girl can’t make easy-mac or eggs, but she can make flan! haha! Anyway…she has been bugging me about trying it forever, so last night I finally caved and tasted the flan. Fist of all, it is definitely not a healthy dessert (eggs, sweetened condensed milk, and sugar) and second, it just looks like fat to me…Im sorry if anyone likes flan, but I’ve seen episodes of Nip/Tuck and I’m just saying…flan immediately makes me think of liposuction (again…sorry for being gross) Even with all of that, it wasn’t too bad and Im impressed she made them.

Anyway on to prettier things. Shopping!

On a rainy day, me and my sister went to Forever 21 to do a little shopping. I’m already excited about fall and wanted to get a couple pieces that could make the transition from summer to cooler weather. Here’s what I got.

 These sporty looking leggings, which I think will look great with some tall boots and a blazer (they also somewhat reminded me of riding pants which I miss wearing)

 This shirt (although this is more just a selfy pic of me haha)    but I fell in love with this shirt because it’d be great for work, school or going out


I usually don’t go for lime green as a color, but this shirt was sooo beautiful, I couldn’t pass it up. Its hard to see all the detail in these pictures, but it has a really great lace pattern and looks more expensive than something you would get at F21.

I also got this top

 Love the fringe on the back!

And this dress (mainly because I intend to copy it to use as a pattern for all my leftover spandex and stretch lace fabric, and because it was only $10!)


(the one I bought was black with darker flowers however & is more fall appropriate)

This would be really easy to duplicate and would look good in a solid color or in lace too, so hopefully I’ll actually get around to making something when I go back to school before things get too crazy busy.

Well TTFN and have a lovely week.

Another Annie Pic. Did I mention how needy she is??? Haha love my little cuddle monster!


One thought on “A little peek on my plate…and in my dressing room

  1. I’m so jealous you scored at Forever 21. I always go in there hoping to find a few pieces, and nothing ever fits me right! Those shirts are all darling… I especially love the green one- the back is so gorgeous!

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