Hello world!

In the interest of breakfast redemption, let me show yall some more aesthetically pleasing eats

So much prettier! (yogurt, chia seeds, bloobs, stawverries, and special K berries cereal.)

I just saw at TJ’s they were selling Chia Seeds! I’ve seen these in magazines, blogs and in recipes on pinterest. I’m always intrigued my interesting ingredients and have been wanting to use these little seeds for a while!

These little seeds are a great source of healthy Omega fats & fiber, somewhat like flax seeds. I’ve been putting them in yogurt and smoothies. They don’t have a specific flavor, but add a crunchy texture. I’m looking forward to trying them in baked goods too as they can be a replacement for eggs in vegan recipes.

Lunch was the same salad. Then it was off to 2 of my favorite places Target and Hobby Lobby!

I was putting together a going away basket for my two cousins who are moving into their freshmen dorms this weekend!!!! So exciting! So I get unnecessarily excited going into Target because there isn’t one near me in NYC! I couldn’t believe it! There are giant Target ads everywhere, but not a single store in the city! So when I come home “Target runs” become a weekly habit.

Hair clips, markers, gum, pens, sticky notes, highlighters, notecards, Kleenex, floss

Febreez, Tampons, Toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, razors, nail polish remover

(on the bottom are garbage bags, detergent, body wash & dryer sheets)


And here is my all time favorite personal addition to the basket….

Phineas & Ferb Bandaids! Oooohhh Yeahhhh!

don’t judge me if I say I still watch this. It’s a hilarious and brilliant show!

It reminded me of moving into the dorms for the first time. I think I was so terrified at the thought that “ok, so we’re driving up here, enjoying the weekend, but them all Y’all are going back without me?” It was definitely an adjustment.

Sometimes I also with I could have had that “normal” college experience with sorority rush, an actual campus, Frat parties, football games etc, but then again, I don’t think I would have experienced half the things I have so far or be as prepared as I am to start working.

I can’t wait to hear how their first weeks in college go! It’s such an exciting time!

TTFN lovelies!


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