Happy Weekend!



Hey Y’all! Happy Weekend!

Although for me now, pretty much every day is the weekend seeing as I’m on break until the Fall semester starts up again. But for all you working folk, I sat have a great weekend! Mine has started off nicely. Yesterday I was in an admittedly terrible mood! Its that special time (no no no not christmas haha) I know when “my time” is near because I get really emotional. People aggravate me easily, I feel like a whale, then feel like crying because of my whale-ness. At one point, I cried because someone ate the last strawberry poptart that I had mentally claimed earlier that day. True Story. This past week too I have been layin pretty low which is fine, but I’m used to running around all the time and being pretty active. So to be home bound for a couple days gets me on the antsy side.

My weekend has been filled with shopping, errands and good food all around!

Spinach Salad: avocado, flax seeds, mushrooms, honey mustard vinaigrette, ground pepper

I later added shrimp to my salad. So good!

Then I headed over to my old High School where my little sis just started (can’t believe she’s a freshmen!) and is on the softball team. They were having a JV, Varsity game. She hit the ball and even caught one! I was never good with ball sports.

 Haha I always think of this! LOVE Clueless

After the game, we stopped by a local pizza place for some dinnah!

Greek Salad with THE hottest peppers ever! My tongue was numb for a good 15 minutes because of the heat, and I really like spicy food.

Pizza Pizza! Half with feta, tomato and pineapple and half with sausage

I have been having so many salads lately, I think I’m good as far as veggies go.

I then also remedied my feeling blah by some shopping. I also had an ulterior motive. My mom’s b-day is coming up so me and my dad decided to get her an ipad. So after shopping some, I had to break away and scurry off the get the goods and hide it. She met us at the Apple Store and kept talking about how she wanted one so badly. Hehe! I love surprising people : )

I also took some pics of things I liked in the mall. I didn’t buy anything, but got some good wish list/inspiration items.

Don’t know how practical these would be on the streets, but I thought they were pretty awesome.

LOVED these. I always like the look of these kind of sneakers, but these had a small platform built in! yay for extra height!

Pretty Ugly denim jacket at Zara, but the studs made it cool. Note to self: do this to trick out a thrift store jacket.

Awesome table/wine rack from pottery barn

Great hanging fixture above table.

What a great idea for used wine corks!

Well ttfn and have a wonderful evening!

I’m off the have something chocolatey and sit around pretty much like this

Seriously how I feel: round







One thought on “Happy Weekend!

  1. I could have written the first paragraph in this post! I feel your pain, girl. And don’t feel bad, because I cried watching Say Yes to the Dress last night. SYttD is WAY less sad than somebody eating your Poptart! No shame :-).

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