One Fish Two Fish, New Hair & Underwear

Wow….all those things go perfectly together right!? haha just kidding

But that’s pretty much all Im going to talk about today…and I liked the rhyme

So here we go

Sunday is always Bagel day in our house. My grandfather comes over after we go to church and brings bagels and/or donuts and we all sit around have coffee, eat and chat. This sunday was especially special because we got to eat in our newly tiled sunroom! (seriously…my arms were sore for days from grouting, wiping away the finish and lugging tiles!)

Still not completely finished, but it was so nice to eat in a room filled with light!

Cinnamon raisin w/ cream cheese. Mango & strawbs on the side


one fish two fish…tilapia, salmon, cherry tomatoes, avocado, pepper & dressing.

We made a big batch of salmon and tilapia. I’ve been enjoying it over salads almost every day. I also did it in an egg scramble allla Julie.

On monday my mom and I took a Group Power class at the gym, then went to the mall to get our hair done. I didn’t do anything drastic because I’m trying to grow mine out more, but I did get it colored (the roots needed some TLC) and trimmed up. Having a fresh haircut makes a world of difference. No more split ends for this girl!

Straight Iron curls

Sorry for the terrible quality picture, I just wanted to show how pretty the curls came out. Usually they’ll just blow it out, but when I was talking with my stylist, I told her that I usually curl it since my hair is so thin and is more wavy than straight. She used a straightening iron to curl it and they came out great! I usually do the same thing at home and rarely ever use an actual curling iron anymore. It’s faster, smoother and I think better for your hair because it’s not in contact with heat for as long as a traditional curling iron.

Just youtube how to do it for some great tutorials!

Since I was in the mall and didn’t want to waste my new hair just sittin around, I decided to do some shopping. Even though I am an intimate Apparel major and spend my days making underwear, I never buy nice ones for myself. I totally got the 5 for $12 deal at Charlotte Russe. I did manage to find some good pairs, even though there were some pretty scary ones such as these….

Move over Pajama Jeans & Jeggings! here comes Jean underwear! (Junderwear? Janties?? hehe) I mean pshh who needs pant anyway?

For dinner I had a smoothie

Blueberry, greek yogurt, milk, strawberries, frozen peaches.

These are so good in the summer! Another perk of being home is our VitaMix. It’s the best kitchen appliance hands down! That sucker blends anything and makes the smoothest smoothies ever! I can’t wait until I have enough expendable money to get one for my own place. Until then, Ill keep using my Costco Ninja blender : )

Well ttfn and enjoy the rest of your week!

Me an my sis are spending the rest of our evening with a little of this

Oldschool Boardgames!

Candyland! It was always my favorite! I always got so jealous when someone else got the Queen Frostine card! Haha she is by far the prettiest & I kinda wanted to be her when I was little.

What is your favorite Board Game? 

What is your favorite kitchen Appliance you could not do without?


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