Friday Faves

Hello lovely people!

Hope everyone is having a fantabulous Friday and has some exciting weekend plans coming up!

I have been having a great time being at home, relaxing, getting more than 5 hours of sleep, being with family & friends etc……but seeing as I don’t have a car, (it didn’t make sense to get one that I would only use 2 months out of the year) I’m pretty much  house ridden most of the day. I love being home, but as someone who is used to spending more time outside than in my apartment, it takes a little bit of an energy shift. I have to remember what I used to do without school and the city. (read: more cooking, crafts, drawing, & home workouts)

This past week, I have done the above as well as a little shopping, a reunion with my best girl friends and seeing my little sis play some more softball (it’s so cute haha)

Some pics of said events

1. Favorite Fashion Buy – Stripe Maxi from Love Culture 

got this bomber-ish jacket and my first and only maxi dress!

I never thought maxi dresses looked good on me seeing as I’m quite pear shaped and just think they tend to accentuate that, but I just decided to take the plunge and buy it. (daring I know haha) It was just so comfy and breezy I couldn’t say no.

2. Favorite New Recipe/ Blog

“Chocolate peanut butter Protein Bars” from Little B’s Healthy Habits

Yummy and Healthy!

I pretty much followed the recipe, but put in extra yogurt (no applesauce) instant coffee (goes great with chocolate & adds a lil kick) and used no sugar.  Just like most healthy treats, these do not taste like an fudgey brownie, but are a great chocolate fix, offer protein and are a great snack.

I have been enjoying it like this

Now like this, it does taste amazing and not healthy at all. Sooo yummy. like brownie ice cream!

3. Favorite Workout

Body Rock Hard & Strong Workout

Holy Sweat balls! this was ridiculous! If you haven’t found this website, check it out. There is a new workout every day and they are rarely over 20 min. They are plyo heavy circuit workouts and kick my butt every time. I’m talking sweat all over, not able to speak, crunched over heaving for breath hard!! . They are perfect for at home/hotel/travel workouts when you don’t have gym access or a whole hour to devote to working out. I find that even doing something intense for 15 in is better than doing nothing and keeps me in the habit & mindset of working out.

4. Favorite Foodie Find – TJ’s Speculoos Cookie Butter

Ok so I have been eyeing this at Tjs FOR-EV-ER!!!  And it lives up to the hype and more! It’s like a yummy gingerbread cookie in peanut butter form. Possibly the most addicting food ever. I read the ingredients, but I’m convinced there’s some hidden small print somewhere reading “may contain small amounts of crack”

I have been eating mine on cooked quick oats

5. Favorite Moment

I met up with 2 of my 3 oldest and bestest girlfriends at PF Chang’s last night for dinner. It was sooo good and I will definitely be going back! Our night was filled with so much laughter, but the best was when my friend Kat ended up setting up our waiter with one of her older roommates. In the end, they exchanged pics and numbers! hehe so exciting. I’m terrible about asking people out (as in never haha) and I think I’d even be too shy to ask someone out even for a friend, so I love having brave friends around. They always inspire me to be more outrageous and outgoing in general & that’s what friends are for right.

Ahi Tuna Wasabi Salad

Well lovelies, enjoy your weekend, and I will be back with more recipes, workouts and fashion finds!

oh yeah, here is my favorite funny. It’s quotes from kids on dating and marriage. So funny!


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