Weekend Adventures

Hello and Top of the Mornin to ya!

My weekend has been fabulous and filled with a little of all my favorite things!

Friday I got to go and take a Zumba class at my gym finally! I have been going to this class weekly for almost a year and always go when I get back from school on breaks, and this is only the second time this month I’ve been able to make it. It is so much fun to see all my “Zumba friends” and the teachers are amazing! I swear I sweat more than in any other activity when I take her Zumba class!


I got to take a group power class in the morning which was also pretty tough. It’s the same thing as Bodypump, just a different name. After showering and getting ready, I met up with one of my good High School friends for lunch in little Five Points, which is kind of the Soho of Atlanta. There are thrift store, record shops, boutiques and unique restaurants.

We ate Lunch then did a little browsing.

Thrift Store – I loved the old TV

There’s a great CD and records store. My friend Nick collects records and has a player, which is awesome. He’s the only person I know that has a record player and it was exciting to look through the records because I would have just passed them up otherwise. I loved perusing the records & cover art. The artwork is great (and sometimes hilarious. Hello 80’s hair and 70’s porn-staches everywhere!)

This one may or may have not been our favorite

Yes…I will now get my mind out of the gutter, but c’mon…the look, the title…hilarious!

Also, I may or may not have the sense of humor of an 11 year old.


Sunday was one of those great days where from start to finish it was just filled with fun. We had a slow morning, talking with my grandparents over morning bagels and coffee. After chatting for several hours, we got ready and headed out to the mall for a little more shopping. Believe it or not, I actually kind of hate shopping in NY other than vintage and thrift stores. I’m so busy that I never have time and places like H&M, F21, GAP, Express etc. are always packed, and messy so it’s nearly impossible to have a relaxing experience (I’m talking 15-20 min waits for the dressing room! eek!) So I take full advantage of the malls while I’m home.

Here’s the loot (some stuff is from the previous week)

What I Wore to the mall. Jean shirt and Steve Madden Bow sandals are new finds.

Sweater from H&M. It is SO comfy and makes me wish fall would come right away

Cute gathered dress (which I actually didn’t get) I just might go back and get it…we’ll see…

I got the sweater ($7! what!?) but not the jewelry. I just like to pair stuff together for fun.

After shopping, we got back home, and headed out to a birthday dinner for my mom. We usually go to get sushi, but she was feeling like something new. We ended up going to Pappadeaux’s, a southern, Louisiana style seafood restaurant. I’m usually not a fan of chain restaurants, but this one was great!

Oyster and shrimp appetizer….I learned I am not a fan of Oysters.

Mixed Seafood Entree. This was great and fresh. Scallops, salmon and shrimp with all kinds of veggies. Perfect!

For dessert, we got Key Lime pie and Sweet Potato Pecan Pie.

The Sweet potato pecan pie was the winner in my opinion.

i only had a bite of each, because we were getting froyo after, so I held out for that, but was actually pretty full by the time we got there so I decided against it (I did steal a couple bites of my mom’s though)

After dinner we surprised my mom with her gift. We had gotten her an ipad, but wanted to take the surprise even further by hiding it in the box of a crappy gift. Well, we need a new toaster badly (our current one has no handle, so it’s like a battle to get it to toast) So we got a new toaster and hid the ipad in the bottom. Believe it or not, my mom was actually really really excited about the toaster haha, but it was still fun to see the look on her face when she went to look for the taster instruction and saw the apple box!!

TTFN and enjoy your week!


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