Last Day

Happy Friday all!!

Today is a weird day for me. It’s my last day at home for the summer, my last day to spend with my family before Thanksgiving, my last day sleeping in my own gloriously large bed and cuddling with my dog. Leaving always feels strange. I’m sad to leave a carefree summer life with nothing to do but relax, but also excited to get back to school, my friends and living in the city, but also terrified of the all nighters I am soon to be faced with. This is technically my last free summer seeing as I will hopefully be employed by the end of this year (whoa! scary real life stuff!) We had planned to have a big family dinner, but my dad had business plans, so we celebrated last night

My dad actually did some work with the C Wonder company, so we were invited to the opening event which was pretty exciting….especially when we saw a couple women from the Real Housewives of Atlanta, followed by their entire camera crew! I think I was the only person from my family who actually recognized who they were, but my sister talked to one of the women and she was nice enough to let her get a picture!

So adorable. Love the height difference too! haha

C Wonder is a really interesting company and their stores are merchandised so wonderfully! They have  basic clothing, accessories & shoes along with some home decor & kitchenware and other basic odds and ends. Everything in the store seemed to have great quality, and even though the merchandise is fairly conservative, the store is a fun space.

Loved these sassy jewelry holders!

Great inset displays

Adorable teapot and teacup light fixtures! wish I could have these!

After perusing the store, we went to a nearby sushi restaurant for dinner. My family all LOVE sushi and pretty much use any achievement, birthday, graduation, anniversary (or random Tuesday haha) as an excuse to go and get dinner there. They have a great sushi deal and the food is always so fresh.

We ordered the Noah’s Ark sized platter for the table. haha

Well I’m off to pack and, finish some mood boards for homework (don’t you just love it when teachers email you summer assignments days before class??) and pack up for my flight tomorrow!

I’ll leave yall with a fun poll because…well…I honestly need the help. DSW is having and insane sale on boots from last season (80% off!) and I have a $10 off gift from them, so I need to make use of it, but can’t decide on a pair. Which do you like?






I realize they are all pretty much the same, but I need some help! I think I like the first ones, but not sure about the heel and walking around in the city…although they were pretty comfy.

Well ttfn, have a great weekend and let me know the boot vote! : )


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