I’m Baaaacck!

I am writing this as my first post of my Fall 2012 semester…my second to last semester…my last first day of school….my last year in school period! wha!? Scary scary stuff right there! I am SO excited to be back in the city, see my friends and be in school. Even as much as school pushes my limits on mental stability sometimes, I absolutely love it. I love my major and the fact that I get to be creative and to be honest, vain and “fashion-y” every day makes me excited to get up every day. And I mostly say this now because it is the first day and I’m well rested and ready to go…ask me in 2 months and I’ll probably be cursing photoshop in my sweatpants while eating Dunkin Donuts at 3am (true story) I haven’t taken too many pictures because mainly all I have done is fly back, finish up homework, get groceries and unpack (woo hoo crazy one right here! haha) So all I have are pics of what I wear.

(small confession: I take pics of my outfits mainly because I know I’ll have days where everything in my closet looks gross and stupid to me and I’ll need to know what to wear..And I really just like to look at myself ….ain’t no shame!)  He we go!

After waking up at 5am and waiting 5 hours to get a flight back then unpacking….sweats and monkey socks…aka…my happy comfy place 🙂

Happy Feet

Black feather earrings and red lips

Fringe Back top bought earlier

denim shirt one way

Denim shirt way 2. First day of school!

That’s all I got for now…I’ll be sure to document some of my school life as well so yall can see what I do with my life! have a great start to your week!

Here are some funnies to brighten up your Monday!

Fifty Shades of Grey cake…This is both hilarious and slightly disturbing to me

Any Arthur fans? I always wondered this as a child!

And just because this is too darn cute!




























































TTFN and have a wonderful week

Question: what piece of embarrassing clothing do you have that secretly makes you happy and/or you wear all the time?



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