Well that was embarrassing & WIAW

So this is my first WIAW post. I randomly post different meals & recipes, but I think I am definitely going to try and devote Wednesdays to this specific reason and join in on the fun. So let’s get on with the eats and stories!

Steel Cut Oats with almond butter on top

Starbucks Break: Coffee with Hazelnut & soy milk with pumpkin pie spice! Can’t wait for those fall drinks to start up soon!

Summer rolls from the cafeteria. The sushi woman saw me and gave me a huge thing of ginger on the side bc she said she remembered how much I liked it! So sweet and proof that I got sushi ALOT my freshman year. haha

Fritatta with kale, mushroom, tomatoes, broccoli & laughing cow cheese. Twas delicious!








Since starting school I have been great about gettin my butt to the gym every day! woop woop! motivation! yesterday I went to the gym in the morning and did some weightlifting before class. Then after my class, I had dinner, did homework and then went to a hot yoga class with my roommate. I love going to hot yoga…ok well, I love it after I get over the general fact that I will be sweating everywhere the entire time. It’s actually tough physically and mentally and left me feeling so relaxed and ready for sleep! Safe to say I left a red, schweaty mess. It literally looked like I took a shower…or jumped in a pool…or peed my pants…let’s just say it was an attractive picture. haha

If you are a fan of yoga, I highly recommend trying a hot Bikram class. It is incredibly uncomfortable at first, but once you simply realize you are going to sweat buckets and look like a swamp beast it’s somewhat therapeutic and really helps relax and loosen your muscles.

2. The time I ate pavement (Warning: some semi-gross pics)

Aka this morning coming back from class. awesome! So remember those Steve Madden bow sandals I just got? Well they pretty much have the worst traction ever (read: none) and several times my feet have slipped while walking. I joked about  just falling down one day…little did I know, that day would be today. As I was walking back from class, this homeless looking man started cat calling at me, whistling and saying annoying stuff “why don’t you smile princess? don’t be stuck up” etc etc. (yes, one of the many lovely perks of living in NYC)  As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, as I was walking a bit faster just trying to ignore him, I completely busted my ass on the sidewalk! Im talking one foot sliding forward, down in the splits, almost rip your pants saturday night fever style! Not fun! thankfully not too many people saw (I think) and this nice couple stopped to ask if I was ok. I looked myself up and down, tried to laugh it off, them scurried away.

Completely skinned my toe (there used to be nail polish on the big one)

Again…not as bad as it looks in person

Hey I guess I can’t be funny, creative, beautiful, smart AND graceful…I have to give some other people a chance! Safe to say I will not be wearing those shoes again before I rough up the bottoms or put on some non slip pads on the bottom. But hey, it could have been worse….I could have actually split my pants too! haha

well TTFN lovelies and have a wonderful evening!

Question: What is your most embarrassing moment? 


One thought on “Well that was embarrassing & WIAW

  1. I agree, hot yoga right before bed makes you sleep so peacefully! I am a total klutz too! Seriously EVERY single hike I have gone on has resulted in a tumble or two. I always seem to hit my head on tree branches or slip when going downhill…. 🙂

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