Friday yays!

Hello all!

I truly hope everyone is having a great long weekend! I am having an awesome break so far! I have no class on fridays so I get a 4 day weekend!!! woop woop! Party time! I have had a great week starting school and my weekend has already begun with so many great moments.

Good thing #1

On friday morning I went in to interview for another internship position. I was invited to return to the company I was with in my summer internship , but as they are not offering a paid position I had to decline. Thankfully I applied for, interviewed for and was offered this new paid position!!!! yeeehaw! I am SO excited to be working in a field I truly enjoy, (hello no more serving tables after school!) gaining industry experience, getting paid  and creating a possible job path for myself come the end of this year!!! eeeeeee yay!!!! I was literally beaming and crazily smiling to myself when I got out of the elevator! and I wish I had taken a pic of my interview outfit. It was pretty cute! (but I wear that same fit to intern pretty often, so I’m sure it’ll make another appearance)

#2 The Return of Pumpkin!

I was SO excited when I saw that DD had pumpkin coffe…that I immediately stopped and practically ran in! The iced pumpkin coffee’s really yummy btw. It’s the little things in life that make me smile : ) and it’s only a matter of time people before pumpkin coffee, pancakes, bread, muffins and ice cream starts popping up! ooo yeah! can’t wait for fall!

#3 Shopping Success

Me and the roomie (check out  her blog!) went on a wild goose chase for some bras. We have to purchase 2 identical full coverage bras without padding in a 34B for school. Now let me tell you…no store carries full coverage bras in a B cup because well….girls with small boobs do not need full coverage & support. (we just need “breast decoration” in the words of my professor. haha I love her)  After visiting nearly every major department store, I found just 1 bra in the right style and size. I found it in the very back of a bottom rack and was in shock. I started singing “I’ve got the golden ticket!” …because that’s exactly what it felt like!

This is the bra I ended up getting. I just bought another one off of Amazon because there are literally no more left in the stores! I love that these are the dilemmas I run into for school. It’s just another day in the life for me, but when I tell my friends that I spent all day tracking down a bra…well… they laugh haha. It’s a tough life I tell ya.

#4 Reuniting with friends

Friday night, was a reunion of three parts. I got to see one of my very best friends from Atlanta while she is here in the city for the week, I got to see 2 of my very best NYC friends who used to be my hall mates freshman year, and  I reunited again with alcohol….twas a lovely night! I’m actually not a big drinker. (alcohol is probably one of the most unhealthy things for your body, so I try to limit it) I will maybe have 1 or 2 drinks once a week, but I do enjoy going out with friends and having a good time! All in moderation.

This was my first outfit before going out. Right before we left I changed my mind and switched it up.

Outfit number 2. All in black…a little too dark for summer still, but I was feeling it.

Dark bar…terrible picture, but a great night : )

Also I took this picture on our walk while on the bra hunt uptown and thought it was pretty cool.

Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy your BBQs, swimming pools, drinks, football games (excited for the start of the college season!) family, friends, pets and sleeping in! Have adventures and laugh a lot!

Sara : )


3 thoughts on “Friday yays!

  1. Ahh you are so lucky that you have a Dunkin Donuts close by. I’m thinking since there is a ridiculous amount of Starbucks here on the west coast, they should convert some to DD and give me Pumpkin Coffee :)) Congrats on your new job!

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