What I ate “Wednesday”






I say “wednesday” because I am actually going to show more pics from my long weekend . I had honestly anticipated my life being more boring and homework filled this whole week, and was going to just do a WIAW post to fill up a page, but I actually had a GREAT weekend filled with friends, food, laughs and lots o relaxation. Soooo let’s get right down to it!

Food  In honor, I will show a quick bit of WIAW








This, plus many snacks and lots and lots of coffee pretty much make up my eats every day. I’m a creature of habit what can I say?

1. Oatmeal with a small pool of that Cookie crack Butter. (soo good!)

2. Veggie and tuna rice paper rolls- These are sooo good and actually easy to make, but definitely make your roommates look at you funny when you whip out these weird rice sheets.

3. Broccoli, kale, TJ’s balls, cheese and marinara. I think I may or may have not made at least five ball jokes while making this. (yes I’m immature…but in real life in person I’m…well I’m probably actually much more ridiculous than in writing!

This weekend, I had outings to a tapas restaurant near NYU, went to Yum Yum thai again and found a new favorite ice cream to rival my number one Peanut Butter Froyo in Bloomingdale’s! Big News!

Sangria & my friend’s “passionate kiss” drink. Our server/bartender was quite cheeky and kept asking her if she would like him to “give her another kiss” haha smoooooth!



in the back are the steak and beet and goat cheese crostini. Anything with beets and goat cheese is always delicious in my book! In the front is the mac & cheese which was pretty awesome! I usually never get Mac & Cheese because….well it’s carbs, butter, cream and cheese…nuff said. But this was wonderfully flavorful and had a little spicy kick that I really enjoyed.



Now this is the best part of the evening. After grabbing tapas, then doing some rooftop wine drinking/ people watching and ogling the amazing apartments we wish we could afford, my friend Sydney and I made our way back, but took a little pit stop for some treats! And I must say…it was Amazeballs (see how I brought it back there ? ?)

This would be Momofuku Milk Bar. I had heard of this place before and all the rave reviews of both the company’s bakery and separate noodle bar. We both got the “cereal milk soft serve” and Syd got a couple of their cookies as well. (I think compost, blueberry pie) But this ice crea….ahhhh…no words!

(picture credit)

This ice cream literally tasted like the milk in your bowl after a breakfast of frosted flakes! it was then coated in crunchy, slightly salty cereal crisps (which were also on the bottom too, so just when you were finishing the ice cream and thinking “man I wish I had some more of those crunchy things” BAM! there they were again) We actually held up some sidewalk traffic because  we were just enjoying it so much!

if thats not foodie love, i don’t know what is!

Since I went out Friday and Saturday, I decided to spend my Monday holiday doing some homework at a swanky hotel lounge with free wifi before having dinner with some Atlanta friends who are also living here in NYC. I actually know quite a few people from home who also live in the city but rarely see them  because our schedules are always so crazy busy.

Fancy Cappuccino art makes me smile

This hotel is super trendy and everyone has some electronic device. Sometimes I think it’s funny how we could be sharing a couch with 5 other people and literally be within ear shot of each other’s conversations, yet no one brings themselves up from their ipad…so strange. I guess that’s city life though. The more people you pack in, the more you pretend not to notice each other.

Well I will definitely be doing a separate post for fashion and school updates because I do not want this to be a novel of a post. I plan on trying to keep up a more consistent posting schedule.

Oh and in other news, tomorrow is my people’s holiday! (no not southern, pale, blonde or short….but my fellow fashionistas!)

Fashion’s Night Out in happening tomorrow!!!  (and even though I will be in class for most of it. Boo!) I am still super pumped! I personally think we should have this night off because hello! fashion school! It’s like Vogue’s version of the christmas parade & I have yet to figure out what I am wearing. Oh what’s a girl to do! Difficult life decisions happening over here haha!

This happened last year at FNO. Dreams coming true (I have a wee crush on Seth Meyers and was so happy to meet him in person)

TTFN and have a lovely week!


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