What I Wore Friday

Hello Partaay people!

So I had this all typed up on Friday, but didn’t get around to finishing everything until today…so here I give you What I Wore Friday…but on Sunday.

Since you have seen what I ate this past week, let me show you what I’ve been wearing. (I’m somewhat embarrassed to say I’m sitting here wearing the same dress I wore yesterday just because I knew no one from school would be seeing me)









Guilty of this on more occasions than I’d like to admit. : )

On Thursday (and friday to intern) I wore this maxi dress I bought.

Then for Fashion’s Night Out, I had a few outfit options

I really just needed an excuse to wear these absolutely ridiculous shoes I borrowed from my sister! They were a good conversation starter, but I’ll be honest, only stayed on all of 30 minutes before I changed into the backup flats I stored in my purse. I’ll always take comfort & the ability to walk over fashion

I ended up going with this outfit because I feel like I wear black too often and need a good dose of color.
















I got to wear my green shirt…for a blind date! (exciting and a little scary, but it went well so no complaints) I figure I’d be hard to miss in this.

Well have a fabulous weekend! I am spending my day dyeing fabric & taking apart the bra I got from Amazon all while watching some NFL games (Love how those go together so well!) There’s just something about getting into a good game that makes me a little nostalgic for home and puts me in a good mood.

Question: Ever been on a blind date or set up by a friend?

Are you into the football season & who is your team?


2 thoughts on “What I Wore Friday

  1. Love the blue top + black shoes outfit!

    I haven’t ever been on a blind date, but my BFF who lives in NYC has been on a lot since she moved to the city! She’s also tried online dating, which I don’t know if I’d ever do, but it’s sooooo fun listening to her stories!

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