I’m still here! Huge picture update

Wow!….so so so long ago since I have written on here. I feel like a bad blogger. But hey ya know sometimes that thing called life…and living it….kinda get in the way of my cyber communication with the outside world. watcha gonna do? I have been distracted with school, interning, being with friends and yes…even some dating, that taking pictures of my life has fallen a bit to the wayside lately, BUT I do have lots to share since I last posted so ….here we go! get ready for a picture overload!

1. Fashion’s Night Out

Imagesparkling “Mocktails” at Mulberry

ImageAndre Leon Talley at Prada

ImageTerrible picture, but that would be the street style/fashion photographer Bill Cunningham! If you’ve never heard of him please look up this video and try to find a way to watch the documentary of his life. Such an inspirational person!


ImageFirefighters bar tending at DKNY. Ladies there were firefighters everywhere in the store since DKNY partnered with FDNY for this event. Not too shabby!


Bergdorf Goodman Window -Can I please have these shoes?

ImageMe with ma girls!

2. School


ImageFabric hunting at Mood

ImageLace Technology…this is what I read when other people read chemistry…sometimes I don’t believe my own life haha!

ImageThat awkward moment when the man next to you in Starbucks realizes you are drawing and looking at pictures of bras on your computer…I swear it’s for school!


3. Foooood!

ImageProtein pancakes swimming in syrup

ImageRice cake w/raspberry jam & Littleb’s chocolate snack bar

ImageTrader Joe’s meatless meatballs, marinara, veggies & cheese

ImageBanana Bread snack bars….I had some nas-tay looking bananas that needed to be baked! These are delicious!

Well there’s the little peek inside my life as of late. Hope everyone’s has a great humpday! I’ll be back soon…promise : )




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