Update Post # Due

Hey hey! Happy Sunday Funday to y’all!

It is around 2am and I just finished homework for tomorrow (phew!) but darn it, I am sticking to what I said and finishing another update post today!…er well I guess it’s technically tomorrow.

I think since things are really starting to rev up as far as schoolwork, I want to give y’all another look at what I do with my time. On saturday I stayed up until 4am and then all day and night on Sunday drawing technical sketches (or what we call “flats”) or various underpinnings.

It is possibly the most tedious work to do, but I really enjoy making all the lace patterns perfect and getting every little detail into the flat. When I’m in school, my perfectionist OCD side really kicks in. This is good and bad. Most of my stuff is done pretty meticulously, but it take me FOR-EV-ER!

I know school in full swing when I pull my first all-nighter of the semester. As terrible as it is to not sleep, me and my roommate make the most of it. There was lots of blasting old school boy band music with singing and Wii Just Dance breaks in between sketching. I think around 4am is when the lack of sleep/over caffeinated  crazies really set in and the party gets silly. Our neighbors just love us : )

This past saturday before heading to one the the best concerts I have been to in a long time, we had a little fabric dyeing party (ok…a “party” is a bit of an overstatement haha) It was messy and frustrating and fun all at the same time! For my internships I have done lots of fabric dyeing, so I was actually pretty excited to come up with a custom color for our current bra project.

It was a loooong process the get the color I wanted (did I mention I was a perfectionist?) but I like dyeing because it is like a fun science experiment.

And not to mention, you come away with some pretty sexy lookin skin! Oh hey zombie hands! These are my roommates hands, mine weren’t nearly that bad, but my nails definitely need some TLC and another coat of polish after this!

After our “colorful” morning (hehe so corny I know!) we went to a concert in Central Park. This was a benefit concert and featured several bands as well as appearances from celebrities & athletes who were speaking about the cause. I was mainly excited to get to see one of my all time favorte bands The Black Keys!

The show was amazing! I love concerts and seeing live music always seems to energize me and spark even more interested in the group. The weather was perfect as well. I will say though, that my highlight of the night was seeing a surprise performance from John Legend! It was so strange, because literally 2 seconds before he came onto the stage I said to my friend “you know who I really like? John Legend!” I was going on about his voice, his face, his overall great classy, attractive nature, when all of a sudden “and please welcome to the stage, John Legend” I nearly fainted from excitement! Its like I knew he was there. He sang Imagine, which is one of my all time favorite songs…and it was truly just magical all around. I was definitely in my happy place! I will try to figure out how to post some videos when I get the chance.

Have a lovely night….well day now…and happy October!

I foresee so much pumpkin, coffee, Halloween decorations, baking and sweater wearing in my future, I’m a little giddy for fall to finally be here!



One thought on “Update Post # Due

  1. OMG! Make me a bra? Ha- those are all SO adorable! I can’t believe you just sketched those pictures. As somebody with zero artistic ability, I’m very impressed.

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