September FPP Reveal!

I have some very exciting stuff to share. This month was my first time participating in the Foodie Pen Pal monthly swap and I have been not so patiently waiting to write about all the awesome goodies I received!

I had a great time looking for treats for my foodie pen pal as well. I feel like there are so so many great products and unique companies around here, I was more than happy to share some foodie finds from my little bubble here in NY.

My Pen Pal was from Hawaii and sent me a really awesome assortment of goods from various regions seeing as Hawaii’s food identity is very diverse and has influences from many many other countries. It was really exciting to see products so different from my everyday items and get a little taste (pun intended hardy har har!) of another state and culture.

Here’s the loot!

Cute Wrapping

Plums, Popcorn seasoning (this was so good) peanut butter cookies, dried green mango, tofu seasoning.

Lemon drink mix, coconut dessert, won ton chips (also ridiculously yummy)                      I absolutely loved this cute surf themed fabric and the card is so beautiful too…I see my next inspiration a being retro Island/beach theme.

I got the goods for my box from one of my favorite places in the city. Chelsea Market. It’s a food market that has a ton of local shops as well as a regular grocery/produce store and weekly sample sales too! (don’t even get me started on how sad I was when I missed the Free People sale)

This one bakery always has really yummy looking treats and some of the most ridiculous & creative cupcakes! They even had  a Spongebob one! haha

In other foodie news, I have tried a couple new drinks and items this week. I have been so so super ultra mega busy this week and ended up pulling another all-nighter wednesday! Last night was the first night I got to fully rest and today I feel awesome! so because of that, I also had zero food in my place (Im talking ketchup packets, celery and popcorn ….nada else) so I ate out a lot. (aka: too much whole foods)

I tried a new to me drink Kombucha! I loved this stuff and now have another reason to make my weekly Whole Foods trips. (I’m addicted)

Then this weekend I traded in my Kombucha & healthy enzymes for this monster! ha! It’s all about balance people! This would be the giantest beer I have ever had! The official kickoff for Oktoberfest here in NYC was at a Beer Garden in Midtown, and seeing as we were in that area, we decided to stop by and celebrate. I actually couldn’t even finish this seeing as it was half my size and I felt like a munchkin drinking it!

Speaking of munchkins…..

I also have been hitting up the DD right across the street from us. This is egg white flatbread with pumpkin coffee. Not too bad actually.

Also DD now has Pumpkin Munchkins! so yummy!


Also I just picked up pancake mix and pumpkin from TJ’s to have pumpkin pancakes! Fall food is in full swing over here! So excited!

Well I am off to dye some more fabric, do a little drawing and hopefully watch a little Falcons football. It’s gonna be a lazy workday here.

What is your favorite fall food?

Do you get in on the pumpkin craze that comes with October?


2 thoughts on “September FPP Reveal!

  1. Your Foodie PenPal hooked you up! Those One-Ton chips cracked me up 🙂 I definitely ALWAYS fall into the pumpkin craze during the fall. I eat it year round, but just get extra excited when so many food places serve more pumpkin dishes! Anything that feeds the obsession 🙂

  2. I’m actually not super into pumpkin stuff, but I made my own pumpkin puree this weekend to use in baking to see if I like the non-canned stuff! I think I could go for some of those pancakes 😛

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