Update post #1

Hey Y’all!!!

Goodness gracious! I have had so much going on, but little time to post! It feels god to update and this is just my first installment of catch up posts to come. I think for this first month I was a bit in denial that the whole waking up early, doing homework and not going out as much on weekends thing was actually happening. It has been crazy busy this week and we had wednesday off of school, so it has been wonderful to lounge about, get some work done and be lazy in general!

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to get to see a broadway show courtesy of my school offering $20 tickets! Me and my roommate got ticket to see one of my all time favorite musicals











It was fun and I may or may not have used jazz hands way too much when we left the theater.

After the show, we got a late dinner at a thai place I often pass that looked pretty cool. My food was pretty lackluster  (I blame the fact that we ordered right before the kitchen closed) but the interior of the restaurant/bar was pretty swanky!

I loved this giant chandelier in the restaurant.

Then on sunday we went to a baby shower uptown for a classmate of mine. (yes she is married and all that jazz and will be a wonderful mother)

Since she is a fellow design student, there was a sewing/craft theme for the shower. They put all different buttons on the stems of the glasses so you could tell which one was yours ….clever! right? and the individual french toast w/ syrup in the cups! great ideas all around!

The food was my favorite kind (brunchy) the zucchini bread was ridonculous to say the least.

In other foodie news, I have been quite the little baker this past week. I really needed to be doing homework, but felt hormonal, bored and overall in need of a great distractions so naturally I turned to cooking!


I made Apple Cinnamon Protein muffins to use up so many of our extra apples and even though I pretty much made up the recipe on the spot, I think they came out pretty good!

It also was an excuse to use the Halloween themed muffin cups and weird eyeball decorations I had lying around (I get really into holidays this time of year haha)

Apple Cinnamon Protein Muffins

1 C Oat flour (I just grind oatmeal in my blender)

2 scoops protein powder (vanilla)

2 medium apple chopped into small pieces

1/4 tsp salt

1 tsp Baking Powder

2 tsp Cinnamon (and then another if you’re a cinnamon lover like me)

1/4 C Splenda (or you can use stevia, or sugar)

1 Egg

2 Egg Whites

1/2 C Applesauce

1/3 C Almond Milk

1 tsp Vanilla Extract


Well I do have so much more to update and look forward to showing yall more of my school shenanigans and projects! I recently spent a couple nights test dyeing fabrics. To say it was messy would be an understatement! ha! Well enjoy your weekend and I am mentally planning another update tomorrow.

tata and sleep well!




How bout dem Apples!

This weekend/past week has been exciting, busy, stressful, informative and relaxing all at the same time!

This last weekend (which feels like forever ago!) we had Monday and Tuesday off from school, me and my roommate went to her hometown in Connecticut for a “Friendaversary” and to cross off a long-time bucket list item of mine

Apple Picking! 

It was a little warm to be apple picking, but we had to take advantage of the long weekend and I must say….it was a blast!

We started the day off with homemade pancakes! so yummy!

Can we please talk about this view! I don’t get to see wide open spaces very much, so when I find myself back in nature, it’s like a 5 year old’s level of excitement.

Along with apples the farm also had pears, peaches and pumpkins

We each bought a small sugar pumpkin to decorate (and I have plans to try and cook them for some legit made-from-scratch pumpkin goods…I forsee a long and messy process hehe)

What can I say….I keep it classy!

They also had beautiful peaches! I have soo many now, I’m trying to figure out what to do with them all! Believe it or not, this is the first time I have seen a peach tree, And ever since, I’ve been on a bit of a peach kick (recently had ridiculously good peach beer and peach ice cream…separately obviously)


Me and my roommate. We’re really children at heart, which is why we get along so well: )

This cider was so delicious! I can’t wait until fall is in full swing to grab some hot cider on cold days.

This is just half of it. Not too bad for unlimited apple picking, but there’s no way I can go through those peaches before they start to go mushy, so I froze a bunch for smoothies. Also, please note the GIANT apple in the right corner! It’s almost as big as the baby pumpkin…crazy!

I have been putting peaches in oatmeal & smoothies, but am looking for other ways too…I’m thinking crepes or a peach cobbler type dessert….ya know in all the spare time I have just lyin around (so sad  and so true)

Well I’m glad I got to share this trip with y’all! I have more fun updates from life and plan to show a bit more of what I do here at school.

tata and have a wonderful week!

and if anyone has any great peach or apple recipes for sharing please do!





I’m still here! Huge picture update

Wow!….so so so long ago since I have written on here. I feel like a bad blogger. But hey ya know sometimes that thing called life…and living it….kinda get in the way of my cyber communication with the outside world. watcha gonna do? I have been distracted with school, interning, being with friends and yes…even some dating, that taking pictures of my life has fallen a bit to the wayside lately, BUT I do have lots to share since I last posted so ….here we go! get ready for a picture overload!

1. Fashion’s Night Out

Imagesparkling “Mocktails” at Mulberry

ImageAndre Leon Talley at Prada

ImageTerrible picture, but that would be the street style/fashion photographer Bill Cunningham! If you’ve never heard of him please look up this video and try to find a way to watch the documentary of his life. Such an inspirational person!


ImageFirefighters bar tending at DKNY. Ladies there were firefighters everywhere in the store since DKNY partnered with FDNY for this event. Not too shabby!


Bergdorf Goodman Window -Can I please have these shoes?

ImageMe with ma girls!

2. School


ImageFabric hunting at Mood

ImageLace Technology…this is what I read when other people read chemistry…sometimes I don’t believe my own life haha!

ImageThat awkward moment when the man next to you in Starbucks realizes you are drawing and looking at pictures of bras on your computer…I swear it’s for school!


3. Foooood!

ImageProtein pancakes swimming in syrup

ImageRice cake w/raspberry jam & Littleb’s chocolate snack bar

ImageTrader Joe’s meatless meatballs, marinara, veggies & cheese

ImageBanana Bread snack bars….I had some nas-tay looking bananas that needed to be baked! These are delicious!

Well there’s the little peek inside my life as of late. Hope everyone’s has a great humpday! I’ll be back soon…promise : )



What I Wore Friday

Hello Partaay people!

So I had this all typed up on Friday, but didn’t get around to finishing everything until today…so here I give you What I Wore Friday…but on Sunday.

Since you have seen what I ate this past week, let me show you what I’ve been wearing. (I’m somewhat embarrassed to say I’m sitting here wearing the same dress I wore yesterday just because I knew no one from school would be seeing me)









Guilty of this on more occasions than I’d like to admit. : )

On Thursday (and friday to intern) I wore this maxi dress I bought.

Then for Fashion’s Night Out, I had a few outfit options

I really just needed an excuse to wear these absolutely ridiculous shoes I borrowed from my sister! They were a good conversation starter, but I’ll be honest, only stayed on all of 30 minutes before I changed into the backup flats I stored in my purse. I’ll always take comfort & the ability to walk over fashion

I ended up going with this outfit because I feel like I wear black too often and need a good dose of color.
















I got to wear my green shirt…for a blind date! (exciting and a little scary, but it went well so no complaints) I figure I’d be hard to miss in this.

Well have a fabulous weekend! I am spending my day dyeing fabric & taking apart the bra I got from Amazon all while watching some NFL games (Love how those go together so well!) There’s just something about getting into a good game that makes me a little nostalgic for home and puts me in a good mood.

Question: Ever been on a blind date or set up by a friend?

Are you into the football season & who is your team?

What I ate “Wednesday”






I say “wednesday” because I am actually going to show more pics from my long weekend . I had honestly anticipated my life being more boring and homework filled this whole week, and was going to just do a WIAW post to fill up a page, but I actually had a GREAT weekend filled with friends, food, laughs and lots o relaxation. Soooo let’s get right down to it!

Food  In honor, I will show a quick bit of WIAW








This, plus many snacks and lots and lots of coffee pretty much make up my eats every day. I’m a creature of habit what can I say?

1. Oatmeal with a small pool of that Cookie crack Butter. (soo good!)

2. Veggie and tuna rice paper rolls- These are sooo good and actually easy to make, but definitely make your roommates look at you funny when you whip out these weird rice sheets.

3. Broccoli, kale, TJ’s balls, cheese and marinara. I think I may or may have not made at least five ball jokes while making this. (yes I’m immature…but in real life in person I’m…well I’m probably actually much more ridiculous than in writing!

This weekend, I had outings to a tapas restaurant near NYU, went to Yum Yum thai again and found a new favorite ice cream to rival my number one Peanut Butter Froyo in Bloomingdale’s! Big News!

Sangria & my friend’s “passionate kiss” drink. Our server/bartender was quite cheeky and kept asking her if she would like him to “give her another kiss” haha smoooooth!



in the back are the steak and beet and goat cheese crostini. Anything with beets and goat cheese is always delicious in my book! In the front is the mac & cheese which was pretty awesome! I usually never get Mac & Cheese because….well it’s carbs, butter, cream and cheese…nuff said. But this was wonderfully flavorful and had a little spicy kick that I really enjoyed.



Now this is the best part of the evening. After grabbing tapas, then doing some rooftop wine drinking/ people watching and ogling the amazing apartments we wish we could afford, my friend Sydney and I made our way back, but took a little pit stop for some treats! And I must say…it was Amazeballs (see how I brought it back there ? ?)

This would be Momofuku Milk Bar. I had heard of this place before and all the rave reviews of both the company’s bakery and separate noodle bar. We both got the “cereal milk soft serve” and Syd got a couple of their cookies as well. (I think compost, blueberry pie) But this ice crea….ahhhh…no words!

(picture credit)

This ice cream literally tasted like the milk in your bowl after a breakfast of frosted flakes! it was then coated in crunchy, slightly salty cereal crisps (which were also on the bottom too, so just when you were finishing the ice cream and thinking “man I wish I had some more of those crunchy things” BAM! there they were again) We actually held up some sidewalk traffic because  we were just enjoying it so much!

if thats not foodie love, i don’t know what is!

Since I went out Friday and Saturday, I decided to spend my Monday holiday doing some homework at a swanky hotel lounge with free wifi before having dinner with some Atlanta friends who are also living here in NYC. I actually know quite a few people from home who also live in the city but rarely see them  because our schedules are always so crazy busy.

Fancy Cappuccino art makes me smile

This hotel is super trendy and everyone has some electronic device. Sometimes I think it’s funny how we could be sharing a couch with 5 other people and literally be within ear shot of each other’s conversations, yet no one brings themselves up from their ipad…so strange. I guess that’s city life though. The more people you pack in, the more you pretend not to notice each other.

Well I will definitely be doing a separate post for fashion and school updates because I do not want this to be a novel of a post. I plan on trying to keep up a more consistent posting schedule.

Oh and in other news, tomorrow is my people’s holiday! (no not southern, pale, blonde or short….but my fellow fashionistas!)

Fashion’s Night Out in happening tomorrow!!!  (and even though I will be in class for most of it. Boo!) I am still super pumped! I personally think we should have this night off because hello! fashion school! It’s like Vogue’s version of the christmas parade & I have yet to figure out what I am wearing. Oh what’s a girl to do! Difficult life decisions happening over here haha!

This happened last year at FNO. Dreams coming true (I have a wee crush on Seth Meyers and was so happy to meet him in person)

TTFN and have a lovely week!

Friday yays!

Hello all!

I truly hope everyone is having a great long weekend! I am having an awesome break so far! I have no class on fridays so I get a 4 day weekend!!! woop woop! Party time! I have had a great week starting school and my weekend has already begun with so many great moments.

Good thing #1

On friday morning I went in to interview for another internship position. I was invited to return to the company I was with in my summer internship , but as they are not offering a paid position I had to decline. Thankfully I applied for, interviewed for and was offered this new paid position!!!! yeeehaw! I am SO excited to be working in a field I truly enjoy, (hello no more serving tables after school!) gaining industry experience, getting paid  and creating a possible job path for myself come the end of this year!!! eeeeeee yay!!!! I was literally beaming and crazily smiling to myself when I got out of the elevator! and I wish I had taken a pic of my interview outfit. It was pretty cute! (but I wear that same fit to intern pretty often, so I’m sure it’ll make another appearance)

#2 The Return of Pumpkin!

I was SO excited when I saw that DD had pumpkin coffe…that I immediately stopped and practically ran in! The iced pumpkin coffee’s really yummy btw. It’s the little things in life that make me smile : ) and it’s only a matter of time people before pumpkin coffee, pancakes, bread, muffins and ice cream starts popping up! ooo yeah! can’t wait for fall!

#3 Shopping Success

Me and the roomie (check out  her blog!) went on a wild goose chase for some bras. We have to purchase 2 identical full coverage bras without padding in a 34B for school. Now let me tell you…no store carries full coverage bras in a B cup because well….girls with small boobs do not need full coverage & support. (we just need “breast decoration” in the words of my professor. haha I love her)  After visiting nearly every major department store, I found just 1 bra in the right style and size. I found it in the very back of a bottom rack and was in shock. I started singing “I’ve got the golden ticket!” …because that’s exactly what it felt like!

This is the bra I ended up getting. I just bought another one off of Amazon because there are literally no more left in the stores! I love that these are the dilemmas I run into for school. It’s just another day in the life for me, but when I tell my friends that I spent all day tracking down a bra…well… they laugh haha. It’s a tough life I tell ya.

#4 Reuniting with friends

Friday night, was a reunion of three parts. I got to see one of my very best friends from Atlanta while she is here in the city for the week, I got to see 2 of my very best NYC friends who used to be my hall mates freshman year, and  I reunited again with alcohol….twas a lovely night! I’m actually not a big drinker. (alcohol is probably one of the most unhealthy things for your body, so I try to limit it) I will maybe have 1 or 2 drinks once a week, but I do enjoy going out with friends and having a good time! All in moderation.

This was my first outfit before going out. Right before we left I changed my mind and switched it up.

Outfit number 2. All in black…a little too dark for summer still, but I was feeling it.

Dark bar…terrible picture, but a great night : )

Also I took this picture on our walk while on the bra hunt uptown and thought it was pretty cool.

Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy your BBQs, swimming pools, drinks, football games (excited for the start of the college season!) family, friends, pets and sleeping in! Have adventures and laugh a lot!

Sara : )